120v SMD LED RGB Rope Lights

Our SMD LED RGB Rope Lights are just what you need to spice up the party. With separate rows of LEDs featuring red, green and blue lights individually this rope light is the best option for multi-color magic! Have all three on at once for a bright colorful look, you can also blend colors by dimming the green to make a gorgeous purple effect from a distance or any other color pattern you can think of. You can also run green or blue or red by themselves depending on the occasion or mood.

Controlling brightness, effects and colors is easy with our wireless remote that communicates via RF signal to the multi-function controller. There are quite a few effects that include, jumping, fading, sparking (blinking), you can also run a steady burn effect. If you are looking for pure color blending our LED RGB Strip Lights are going to be a better option for you. This product does present a beautiful unique option for any project.

Technically this light is considered a rope light; however, the light itself is composed of LED chips on a board inside the light which makes the product not round, it has a rectangular outer PVC coating to protect the lights and because of the technology on the inside these lights can not be bent dramatically. There are diagrams on the product go to into specifics about the ways you can bend the lights safely without damaging them.

Cutting the lights is very easy, our lights come with marked cutting intervals every 39 inches. Cutting outside the cutting intervals has the potential to ruin the run of lights or possibly just the section so when cutting make sure to locate the places the lights are designed to be cut at.

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