120v LED RGB Strip Lights

Now we are talking every color you could possibly imagine (almost). Our RGB strip lights are one of our highest quality RGB lighting product. We highly recommend going with RGB Strip over RGB rope light if you are looking for a specific color that appears seamlessly even from up close. The advanced technology in these lights have three separate colors in one diode so unless you are uncomfortably close to the lights you can’t see separate colors blending to create that gorgeous pink or orange glow.

These lights are heavier because there are four wires inside the tubing. This is normal for most RGB lights. There are exceptions, while completely different, PLC lights are RGB lights that work off of two wires. Check those out if you are more interested in RGB rope lights that have a seamless color.

What does RGB stand for?

RGB stands for Red Green Blue and these lights have the ability to create thousands of colors. This allows for truly customized lighting displays in businesses and homes.

What is RGB LED Strip Lights?

Our RGB Strip lights are similar to our single-color strip lights; however, they use four wires to connect to LED chips that have three colors in one diode. This allows for a truly unique color to be created in every project.

Can RGB Strip Lights create white?

These chips produce an array of colors but cannot do warm white. There is options to do a very cool white, but since it is using all three chips it is beyond our capabilities to identify the exact Kelvin temperature of this white color. If you are looking for a true cool white check out our single-color options or our 12 volt RGBW lights (Red Green Blue White). These lights are meant for smaller projects.

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