Be the Talk of the Town with These Amazing Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Dec 9th 2019

Be the Talk of the Town with These Amazing Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

In 2018, holiday retail sales surpassed a trillion-dollars in the United States. Yep, that's twelve zeros! In other words, each American household spends $1,536 on average. 

Want to know what you should buy to make the most of our outside Christmas lights budget?

Read on for the best outdoor Christmas lighting ideas you should consider.

Rope Christmas Lights for Outdoors

Looking for a stunning and unique outdoor Christmas lighting solution this year? Brightly lit LED rope lights are the perfect Christmas lights for outdoors. Choose any color you wish or mix and match different hues. 

Rope lights are easy to use and so versatile. Wrap them around your porch pillars, use them to frame your garage door or front door. You can also line the pathway to your house with LED rope lights.

Rope lights come in spools so that you have 65 feet of lights to work with! That means no having to connect two short strings of lights together. 

Best of all, there is no ugly green rope between individual bulbs. The entire rope is clear and lit from within. 

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas for the Porch

Your porch is your home's focal point. Yet many people overlook this space for outside Christmas lights.

You can do so much to make this area festive and bright. Start off with hanging greenery all over the door frame and around porch rails.

Use lights and hang ornaments or ribbon to make the green pop out even more. Then place a few glass lanterns on the porch. Fill with battery-operated puck lights or string lights and a bunch of baubles.

Net Lights for Bushes and Trees

One of the easiest ways to decorate your yard for Christmas is to start with lighting up your trees and bushes.

Net lights are perfect and easy to throw over most shrubbery. Best of all, after the holidays, these lights are easy to pull off without untangling yards of string lights.

There are even special tree trunk nets so you can easily decorate your tall trees. You can even connect multiple sets to get the size you need.

Tomato Cage Christmas Trees With Lights

Another option for outside Christmas light decorations is to put your veggie garden items to work.

You can easily transform wire tomato cages into outdoor mini Christmas trees with lights. It takes just 15 minutes to do and is inexpensive. In the spring, repurpose the cages for growing tomatoes!

Go ahead and space them out all over your yard for a cheerful and bright area everyone will admire.

Warning: if you live in a windy area, anchor the cages down with tent pegs to keep them from blowing away. 

LED Showmotion Trees

Not interested in a DIY project? No worries. You can make your home festive with show motion trees.

These animated trees range from four feet to a towering 12-feet tall. Take about a focal point for your yard!

The LED lights of each tree run a stunning display of lights. Don't worry about difficult installation. Each tree is quick to set up right out of the box. Plus, each tree collapses for easy storage. 

The controller has a host of pre-programmed effects to dazzle your guests and neighbors.

Trees come with metal ground stakes and come in a variety of styles. 

Christmas Inflatables

Looking for Christmas lights ideas that are kid-friendly? Yard inflatables are just the ticket. 

They are large and attention-grabbing, easy-to-install and look stunning on any yard.

Choose from classic winter ones such as Frosty the snowman to Nativity scenes or Santa with his sack.

You are sure to be the most popular house in your neighborhood with cheerful inflatables decorating your property. 

Christmas Balls of Lights 

For unique outdoor Christmas lighting, check out this tutorial by Simple, Easy Creative. 

You can make giant balls of light for your front yard. Hang them from trees or just place them on the ground for a jaw-dropping lighted display this holiday season.

To make these balls you will need chicken wire, wire clippers, sturdy gloves, zip ties and lots of string lights! Your home is sure to delight with this lovely DIY project. 

Glowing Snowballs

Here's another super easy project for outside Christmas lights. If you live somewhere where you get snow that stays on the ground, this is perfect.

Have your kids help you make a big pile of snowballs. Stack the snowballs along your pathway in various piles.

Then push in a battery-operated set of white lights or puck lights. Be sure to turn it on first!

You've just made a magical glowing snowball centerpiece to guide the way to your front door.  

Christmas Rope Light Motifs

If you want to add pre-made shapes or festive greetings to your home, rope light motifs are what you need.

Angel, candy canes, holly, Merry Christmas, bells, Santa - the options are endless! You can't go wrong with any of them for this Christmas season. 

Window Decorations

When you are coming up with outdoor Christmas lighting ideas, don't forget your windows!

Hang lighted displays for everyone to enjoy - both inside and outside. Choose from star, snowman or bells. 

Have A Bright Christmas

Thanks for reading! We hope the tips in this article have given you tons of outdoor Christmas lighting ideas to make your yard the best on the block.

At Birddog Lighting we have lights for every occasion. Request a free catalog of all our products. 

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