24 Volt LED FCOB Strip Light Power Connector (Bare Wire)
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24 Volt LED FCOB Strip Light Power Connector (Bare Wire)

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Product Overview

The Vampire-Style Power Connector is designed to seamlessly connect your FCOB (Flexible Chip On Board) LED strip lights to a power source. The vampire style connector allows you to effortlessly link your LED lighting to power without any complicated wiring or soldering. Made for use with our FCOB outdoor lighting, the connector’s sharp teeth (like a friendly vampire’s bite) pierce through the strip’s insulation, establishing a secure electrical connection. Simply insert the copper contacts of the LED strip into the connector and push it closed. The other end has the bare wires ready to connect to your 24 volt power supply.

This efficient little connector saves time during installation, ensures a secure connection, and the low profile design keeps your project neat and tidy. Whether you’re setting up accent lighting, under-cabinet illumination, or creative DIY projects, the vampire-style power connector will help make your FCOB LED strip lights shine bright and steady.

  • Length: approximately 4.5 Inches
  • Inner Dimensions: 10mm W x 4mm H
  • Tooth Spacing: 5mm Between
  • Wire Guage: 22 AWG
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