LED High Bay Lights - UFO vs Linear

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 4th 2024

LED High Bay Lights - UFO vs Linear

When it comes to lighting places like arenas, warehouses, and grocery stores, it's all about high bay LED lights. But have you ever wondered how the shape and design of a light can impact its performance? Whether it's a warehouse, gym, or industrial facility, high bay LED lights are essential for achieving optimal illumination. Today, we're diving into the differences between UFO and linear LED high bay lights, exploring their unique features, applications, and which might be the best fit for your specific lighting needs.

High Bay LED Lights

High bay LED lights are designed for spaces that have high ceilings, typically ranging from 20 to 45 feet. These lights are ideal for illuminating large areas where detailed tasks are performed.

Common places you'll find them include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and sports arenas. LEDs are often chosen for this task because they're known for their energy efficiency and long life.

They help >save on electricity bills and require less maintenance compared to traditional lighting options. This makes LED high bay lights a smart choice for business owners looking to cut costs and reduce hassle. Their powerful illumination ensures that large spaces are well-lit, promoting safety and productivity.

For even more savings, consider an optional motion sensor. Most LED high bay models include the option to choose a motion sensor that will turn your lights on when they detect motion. Another great feature for many high bay models is the option to change the output color of your high bay. Choose from a cooler white light that is ideal for tasking or opt for a warmer color that’s preferred in retail environments. Changing from one color to the other is as easy as flipping a switch on the fixture.

What Are UFO High Bay Lights?

UFO high bay lights get their name from their circular design that resembles a UFO. These compact and durable lights are a popular choice for many businesses.

Their design is also functional, as the round shape allows for a more uniform distribution of light. This is perfect for lighting up spaces like gyms and assembly areas where clear visibility is important.

UFO high bay lights are built to last. They are often made with sturdy materials that can withstand harsh conditions in industrial environments. This means less worry about damage from dust, moisture, or accidental impacts. Their durability makes them a reliable choice for areas that need constant, bright light without frequent replacements.

Another advantage of UFO high bay lights is their ease of installation. Thanks to their compact size and lighter weight, they can be installed quickly and don't require a lot of support. This ease of setup can save time and reduce installation costs. They're also adaptable and can be fitted with different lenses or reflectors to suit specific lighting needs.

What Are Linear High Bay Lights?

Linear high bay lights are long, rectangular fixtures designed to light up large and wide areas. They are an excellent choice for places like warehouses and big retail stores. These lights are known for their ability to cover more space efficiently, especially in places with shelving or aisles.

The design of linear high bay lights allows them to cast light over a broad area, which helps reduce the number of fixtures needed. This can be a big benefit for large spaces, cutting down on energy consumption and the cost of additional lighting units. Their elongated shape fits perfectly over aisles. As such, they provide clear, bright light that enhances visibility and safety.

These lights are also quite flexible when it comes to installation. They can be mounted in various ways, including suspension from chains or fixing directly to the ceiling. This makes them adaptable to different types of ceilings and layouts. Linear high bay lights also stand out for their sleek, modern look that blends well with contemporary interior designs.

Key Differences

UFO high bay lights provide a concentrated, circular spread of light, which is ideal for lighting up specific points with high intensity. This makes them perfect for environments where tasks require focused lighting, like over workstations or in areas where equipment is operated.

Linear high bay lights offer a broader dispersion of light that illuminates larger areas more evenly. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in settings with long aisles or wide-open spaces, such as warehouses and large retail stores. The wide spread helps minimize shadows and dark spots, enhancing overall visibility and safety.

UFO high bay lights are easier to install in spaces with limited area or where direct, intense light is needed from a higher vantage point. Their installation is straightforward, often requiring less structural support than linear options.

Linear high bay lights are better suited for environments with expansive ceiling areas. They can light up a wide area from a single point of installation, which can reduce the number of fixtures needed.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy efficiency is a major advantage of both UFO and linear high bay LED lights, but there are some differences in their performance and sustainability features. UFO high bay lights are particularly efficient in spaces where lighting is needed directly below the fixture.

Their design allows for minimal light wastage, ensuring that the light is focused exactly where it's needed. This efficiency is crucial in reducing excess lighting and energy use, which contributes to a more sustainable operation.

Linear high bay lights excel in their ability to illuminate larger areas with fewer fixtures. This can be particularly beneficial in reducing the overall number of lights needed in a facility, which not only cuts down on energy consumption but also on the resources used for manufacturing and maintaining multiple lights.

Other considerations for cost savings include wattage selectable options where you can choose from a range of light output. Use the same lights in different areas and dial back the power to save money in those areas that don’t require the same lighting output.

Cost Considerations

Initially, UFO high bay lights tend to be more affordable per unit compared to linear models. Their compact design and ease of installation also help keep installation costs down.

Linear high bay lights are initially more expensive. But they can be more cost-efficient in the long run for larger spaces. Their ability to cover more area with fewer fixtures means reduced energy consumption and fewer lights to maintain. Over time, these savings can offset the higher initial cost, especially in facilities that operate lights for extended periods.

Rebates & Incentives For High Bay Lighting

Many utility companies & some other organizations offer rebates and other incentives for switching from your old inefficient lighting over to a DLC listed lighting product. Among these lights are LED UFO high bays and LED linear high bays. DLC listed products are considered to have a high level of energy efficiency and have passed the other strict standards for quality and safety required by DLC. For more information on rebates in your area contact your local utility provider or visit the DLC website to view the Qualified Product List (QPL).

A Light Touch

Both UFO and linear high bay LED lights offer unique benefits for different settings. Consider both types of high bay LED lights to enhance efficiency and functionality in your space.

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