7 Types of LED Fixtures for Commercial Lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 17th 2023

7 Types of LED Fixtures for Commercial Lighting

Let's shed a little light on an important issue.

For any business, adequate lighting is key. Sure, some commercial spaces have plentiful access to natural light. But there are others that have little to no access to good light, and this is where LED fixtures are a lifesaver.

Artificial lighting provides a comfortable environment for workers and customers alike. And let's face it, LED lights are without question the best way to achieve this in your commercial space. They're even compatible down the road with IoT (Internet of Things) integration

If you're looking for ways to make your commercial space look more interesting and inviting, an LED fixture is the ideal choice. In the following article, we'll look at some of the different LED bulbs and fixture types to choose from.

So keep reading to learn more about LED commercial lighting, as well as how these lighting fixtures can benefit your business.

Types of LED Fixtures for Commercial Lighting

There are many conceivable fixture choices for indoor LED lighting, especially for commercial buildings. Fixture selection is largely determined by where the fixture will be mounted, as well as its intended function.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are available that provide wide angle lighting for general area coverage such as a workspace or an office area. In contrast, fixtures with a concentrated beam of light provide intense lighting over a particular region, such as a warehouse, workstation, or large retail store.

Here's a look at some of the most common indoor LED fixtures used in commercial applications:

1. Recessed Troffer Lights

LED recessed troffers are among the most effective commercial lighting fixtures for drop ceilings.

For one thing, they can be installed in openings in the ceiling to allow for maximum lighting. And commercial spaces, because of their existing design, can obviously benefit from LED recessed troffers. They seamlessly join into the existing office setting, offering the advantages of LED lighting without disrupting the internal design.

Because of its low temperature production, the recessed troffer is among the most effective solutions available.

2. LED Lights for Warehousing

These LED panel lights were created especially for warehouse usage to reduce glare and provide additional lighting.

Historically, it's been difficult to provide adequate lighting in a warehouse environment. But this has all changed with the introduction of LED fixtures such as, for instance, low hanging tube lights that shed more illumination.

Plus, it's an economical and environmentally-friendly solution. The LED lights used in these fixtures are one-tenth the weight and one-hundredth the size of traditional lights. They also use less electricity to run than a metal halide bulb and produce much more light.

3. LED Work Lamps

Industrial task lighting fixtures are mobile lights that are ideally suited to workstations. Their purpose is to provide good lighting for specific tasks, and LED bulbs are always the best choice.

Best of all, these fixtures are fully adjustable, so light can be directed to where it is most needed. So for occasions where high bay or even low bay lights are not sufficient to focus on finer jobs, LED work lamps are the obvious solution.

4. Pendant LED Lighting

LED pendant lighting, which works independently of the conventional luminaries, works best in commercial venues where there's a great deal of activity.

The functional and attractive appearance of LED pendant lighting is yet another bonus. This kind of LED commercial lighting also provides a uniform dispersion of light that improves any business' ambiance. We should also point out that the attractive appearance of these lighting fixtures adds a trendy touch to the workplace, making it a more enjoyable place to work for employees and increasing productivity.

5. LED High Bay Lighting

The quality and energy-efficiency of LED warehouse lighting is what makes it so powerful.

And let's be honest: LED bay lights offer higher quality lighting day after day at a cheaper cost than traditional bulbs. The quality and quantity of light provided by high bay LED shop lights are specially designed to light large spaces with high ceilings.

These high bay LED shop lights also produce powerful illumination at a distance to focus light more closely than traditional incandescent fixtures. That's why high bay LED lighting is ideal for commercial and industrial uses, such as warehouses, showrooms, and retail stores with larger areas and higher ceilings.

6. Outdoor Commercial Lighting

LEDs are used in a variety of ways indoors, but they can also be mounted outside to shed light on certain parts of a property or provide security.

Since trespassing and theft are such enormous problems for businesses, lighting can have a big impact on security. Obviously, those who are up to no good would rather avoid being seen by other people. And security cameras can certainly benefit from proper lighting. Because security footage can be used to identify individuals and track their movements, proper lighting can provide a greater level of clarity.

LED wall packs, floodlights, and LED shoebox lights are just a few examples of commercial LED lights that are perfect for the outdoor lighting of commercial spaces.

7. Low Bay LED Lighting

Low bay LED lights are a common fixture in large indoor spaces that require general illumination.

These types of LED commercial lighting are actually industrial-grade products that can stand up to more rigorous conditions and deliver more reliable performance. Low bay LED lighting is widespread in the commercial sector, particularly in warehouses, showrooms, retail spaces, storage areas, etc.

A Bright Idea

These are just a few of the most common types of LED commercial lighting.

The introduction of various types of LED fixtures has brought about a sea change in the business sector. LED lights provide long-lasting energy conservation, fashionable ambiance, and future-ready features.

So what are you waiting for? If you're seeking the best LED light fixture supplier, your search is over! Birddog Lighting has everything you need. Check out our extensive array of LED commercial lighting and upgrade your business space today.

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