Why Color-Changing LED Strip Lights Are the Way to Go

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Dec 21st 2020

Why Color-Changing LED Strip Lights Are the Way to Go

The newfound ambiance on your patio cannot be ignored: it was all due to the LED strip lights you just installed. 

As you sit there, relaxing and drinking a nice glass of your favorite beverage, you marvel at how the atmosphere has changed on your patio. One more thing that can add to the atmosphere you're striving for is color-changing LED lights.

Maybe you're adding extra flair to a room inside your home, or you're wanting to create a different aesthetic outside. Doing home renovations or large projects has never been so expensive, though. Experts say the price to do those has increased by 50% during COVID-19.

Color-changing LED strip lights are a much cheaper way to rethink the aesthetic of your home without spending big bucks. Here's why color-changing LED strip lights are the way to go! 

How Color-Changing LED Strip Lights Work

You might think you know how LED color-changing lights work, but don't be too sure. It's not as simple as using every color LED light to make those colors happen. There is a science behind it involving what color wavelengths our eyes are used to. 

Red, green, and blue LED lights help create different colors. A basic yellow color is a combination of red and green lights. If you're wanting cyan, that's blue and green combined.

This happens when you press a button to either request the color you want. The LED lights are programmed to do the rest and change to different colors. 

The Different Colors

One of the most intriguing features of color-changing LED lights is their ability to change to different colors! Besides that, it also gives you a relatively cheap way to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. 

There are different color-changing strip lights to choose from. With so many options, you'll find the right combination.

Red, green, and blue lights are a great place to start since they are the basics. Lights with all colors of the rainbow are also a great touch for more variety in the different colors you can use. There is also the speed factor to think about. 

The Color-Changing Speed

With color-changing LED lights, you can also alter the speed at which they change colors. You may have several reasons for doing this. 

If you're going for a party vibe, having the lights change colors faster will accomplish that goal. The quick color change will leave you and your potential guests with a sense of wonder and urgency. 

A slower, color-changing speed will accomplish the relaxing mood you're looking for. It won't overwhelm your senses, but it will allow the mood to change more naturally. 

The Moods of Color-Changing Lights

Consider the mood you want when installing color-changing lights. Different colors have different moods to them, which can impact the perception of the room. 

Go for red if you're looking for a mood of passion or love. If that's the last thing you want, then go for the color blue. It's all about calmness and serenity (and even sadness, if you're feeling down). 

Purple makes people feel creative, but happiness comes from the color yellow. Go for the color orange if you want an energized mood. That said, the color green may also encourage you to pump yourself up to start something new. 

The moods of color-changing lights are derived from the colors themselves. You can always change the color of the lights depending on how your mood changes or even what aesthetic you're looking to have from the lights. 

The Room Aesthetic with an LED Light Strip

The room aesthetic of color-changing LED strip lights is vital as well. You don't want to have the LED light strip in the wrong place or using the wrong color. It will throw off the whole room set-up. 

Consider whether you'd like to light the room from above or below with LED rope lights. If you install them on the ceiling, your light will reflect downward on yourself and other furniture or objects around it.

Attaching from below works, such as below kitchen cabinets, for example. Then you'll illuminate counter space and the adjacent walls. 

Another cool room aesthetic to consider is putting LED light strips on shelves too. You can put light strips there to illuminate the shelves for an ethereal look to your books or other possessions on display. 

Finally, the room aesthetic with an LED light strip also applies to put LED color-changing lights outdoors. You'll give your patio a suave aesthetic. 

Pick Your Prime Location

It's time to decide your prime location for your LED strip lights. Now you understand how they work, the different moods, and the differing room aesthetic you can have using color-changing LED rope lights. 

You can brainstorm which location needs LED strip lights by considering the following: 

  • What is the lighting in that room like without strip lights?
  • How do you want to upgrade the original lighting in the room to something more eye-catching?
  • What kind of aesthetic are you going for in said room? 
  • Is there a specific mood you're hoping to convey? 

Asking yourself these basic questions will help you decide where to place your color-changing lights. 

Get Color-Changing LED Strip Lights Today

You'll improve your home aesthetic when you use color-changing LED strip lights. From the different colors, you can have the kind of mood you want and improve your home aesthetic today with some LED rope lights.

We're here to help you add a new flair to the rooms in your house or to your patio. Contact us today so we can answer any questions you may have about color-changing LED strip lights!

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