Camper Lights: Tips for The Best Lighting Experience

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jul 11th 2022

Camper Lights: Tips for The Best Lighting Experience

Did you know that over 11 million households have RVs or some type of camper to travel around when they want?

If you're one of those households, you may be wondering how to get the best lighting experience for your camper! In this guide, we'll walk you through how to find the best outdoor camping lights for your van.

Whether you're looking for great lighting or more of a vibe, you'll know exactly which lights to get.

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Motion Sensing Lights

If you live in a house, many people gravitate toward having motion-sensing lights for safety purposes. You can do the same thing in an RV.

You can place the motion-sensing lights in areas around the RV where you spend most of your time outdoors at night. Let's say you're in a tree-covered campground late at night and you want to take your dog out. It would be best to have a light near your front door and toward the back of the RV as well so you can walk around and still see.

This not only gives you light but also provides safety wherever you park.

Outdoor String Lights

Have you ever considered putting camper awning lights onto your van? If you plan to set up in camp for a few weeks, why not make it feel super homey?

You can add outdoor string lights under your awning or between your RV and a tree if there is one.

This creates an ambiance that you can't get anywhere other than when you're camping under the stars!

If you want to make sure you are being smart with the electricity, you may want to choose to go with solar camping lights for this. You could also choose to use LED bulbs as well for an energy-saving lightbulb.

LED Light Strips

LED light strips are another great option for lighting in an RV or campervan. They are strips of light that can stick to any flat surface with an adhesive strip.

Consider adding these inside your camper van for extra light! There are even some types that change colors to match the mood for the day or night.

If you don't want to add the LED strips in the camper van, you can add them onto your awning for extra lighting when you are sitting outside at night, or even on a cloudy day.

Recessed Ceiling Lights

While you may be looking for lighting options to add to your RV, you may also be looking for the best overall lighting option to make sure you feel you can do things at night without trouble.

Recessed ceiling lights are one of the best options for overall bright lighting. You can get them as LED lights, and many stores will allow you to choose from different lighting options like warm lighting or bright white lighting.

Reading Lamp

While this may not be something you add for ambiance, it is a practical lighting need.

If you read a lot at night and don't like to have your overhead lights on, or you want to get out of bed when you are done reading and have to turn the lights off, you could add a reading lamp to give you the lighting you need.

DIY Branch Chandelier

If you want to go with lighting options that are outside of the box, you could try to create your very own outdoor light! 

You can take patio lights or string lights and wrap them around a larger branch until you feel that the lighting is where you want it. This creates a brighter light in one area rather than having string lights drawn across a larger area.

LED Neon Lights

Are you tired of just using normal lights in the RV? Then why not try LED neon lights around your space? It completely transforms how you view your space, and even how you feel in the space that you call home! 

Since lights are easily interchangeable, you can change out the neon lights for a normal light whenever you want! It's easy as unscrewing it and then screwing the other one in.

Fairy Lights

Another way to add ambiance is to add fairy lights inside the camper. This can enhance the dreaminess of the lifestyle you are living traveling around, exploring new places, and experiencing new things.

These lights are less harsh than other lights and will give off a warm glow in your space.

And the options are truly endless where you decide to place them. You could put them over the head of your bed to set the mood when you're reading late at night or enjoying an evening with your significant other.

You could also hang them in the kitchen above the table for added light or a completely different light option from normal lights.

Camper Lights to Switch Up the Lighting Mood

Whether you are looking for camper lights that brighten up your space or are trying to create a different mood in the camper, lights are the way to do that.

Consider adding camper awning lights or string lights outside the camper, and on the inside, add some overhead lighting that gives you what you need to go about your business at night, but also add in fairy lights to create a different mood! The options you have are endless.

If you want to see even more lighting options, browse our lighting selections today!

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