3 Low-Cost Garage Lighting Ideas

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Sep 21st 2022

3 Low-Cost Garage Lighting Ideas

Garage lighting is an investment and helps increase the value of your house. It also comes in handy for late-night home repairs and DIY endeavors. Speaking of DIY, a garage light installation project can be fun and affordable!

Lights for the garage are ideal if love a home project in the evenings after the kids are in bed. Or, you may enjoy tinkering on your car without your entire neighborhood watching. Perhaps you want to enhance your home's space and create a functional and useful garage area.

Garage light fixtures are a quick way to update your garage and make it a place for something other than housing your vehicle.

Garages sometimes get a bad rap. They end up becoming storage units instead of seeing their full potential come to life. With the right setup and lighting, your garage might be your favorite new room in the house.

Follow these low-cost garage lighting ideas below. You can set up a professional garage lighting system in no time!

1. Inexpensive Fluorescent Fixtures

A great way to save expenses is to install garage light fixtures. Fluorescent light fixtures are inexpensive. They add light to necessary areas without revamping your entire space.

Add under cabinet light fixtures to your workspace for affordable lighting. These light fixtures are easy to install and come with everything you need to mount. 

Garage light fixtures are one of the best low-risk ways to add light to your space. They provide an opportunity to add more lighting as the years go on and your needs change.

2. Energy-Efficient Lighting

Let's face it - prices are through the roof in all areas of home improvement. However, there are ways to add value to your home without breaking the bank. Energy-efficient lighting saves money without sacrificing the look you want.

LED lighting helps reduce energy and cut spending costs. LED lights come in a variety of styles and wattages to suit your space.

Are you planning an in-depth installation of light fixtures? Use LED lights for your installation. Panels, downlights, and tube lights are all offered in LED.

Save money each month and get over 50,000 hours of use when you choose LED! If your garage already has lighting, it's easy to make the swap to LED bulbs!

3. Rope Lighting

Are you looking for something a little more outside the box? Check out rope lighting! Rope lighting is durable and, on average, lasts over 20,000 hours.

Rope lighting is inexpensive but elevates your space. This flexible yet sturdy lighting can be used in a  variety of ways. Use it to highlight your workspace area. Or, use them to showcase a special piece of memorabilia hanging in your garage.

Another great way to use rope lighting is down low. Garage light is usually reserved for above-head spaces, but what about your floor? Adding rope lighting around your baseboards gives you ambient light when it's dark.

Having light around the floor helps prevent falls and gives your space a clean and open look and feel.

Additional Lighting Ideas

Swap out incandescents for LED garage lights to help cut energy costs. Whether you need bulbs or an entire lighting system, LED is the best choice.

Do you prefer the look of incandescent bulbs? Choose a "Warm White" bulb to give the same effect without the price tag.

LED lights are an optimal choice for outdoor garage lights. They help save money on your entire utility bill. And, with their longer life spans, you reduce those pesky bulb changes. Who wouldn't love that?

If you love natural light, look into adding a skylight to your garage. While it's a little more complicated than switching a bulb, it is a way to utilize free light. Add one of our aforementioned ideas for when the sun goes down.

Unique Lighting 

The three garage lighting ideas we mentioned above are more traditional. But, think outside of the box and get creative. If you are looking for something more unique, we have plenty of suggestions!

LED neon rope lights up your garage light game. Choose from an array of colors (or changing colors) suited to your style or the decor of your garage. Neon lights give your garage a twist of fun while still providing light.

If neon isn't your thing, a string of twinkle lights adds some warmth and charm to your space. Twinkle lights aren't only for the holidays! They are a great addition to larger garage spaces to break up areas.

Remember, mixing and matching lighting fixtures is okay - and encouraged! You may need recessed lighting for the majority of your project, but you can still add fixtures or accent lighting. A light fixture or section of rope lights adds depth and individuality.

How to Start a Garage Lighting Project

A DIY garage lighting project is a great place to start in your home improvement journey!

First, decide what type of light you desire in your garage - direct or ambient. Do you want to highlight certain things or do you need a revamped and brighter space?

What is most important to you? Cost? Energy efficiency? Look? The great thing about choosing LED lights for your project is they check all these boxes.

Once you settle on the type of light and look you want, it's time to plan the layout. Create sections of your garage for different projects. Section off spaces for family members by using lights to differentiate spaces.

Now, it's time to pick out your bulbs or installation kits!

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