LED Strip Lighting

120 Volt LED Strip Lights

120volt LED Strip Lights offer the brightest light currently on the market. This type of lighting uses surface mounted diodes (SMDs) that attach to printed circuit board (PCB) that lasts long and delivers a lot of light. Cuttable every 19.5inches, these LED tape lights can be used indoors or out and plug directing into a standard socket. Featuring a variety of colors, 120 volt Strip Lights are perfect for any project – big or small.

120 Volt RGB LED Strip Lights

Need to be able to change the color of your LED Strip Light at a push of a button? Our 120volt RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light is perfect for you. This LED tape light offers everything our single-color version will give you, just with the ability to change or make your own colors.

12 Volt LED Strip Lights

12 volt LED Strip Lights provide the same light output as their 120 volt counterpart in a lower voltage making them perfect for RV, boat, home, and auto installations. These ribbon lights are self-adhesive making install a breeze and come in an array of colors. Smaller and more flexible, 12v LED Strip Lights can be used indoors or out and can be customized for any project with cutting intervals at 2” or 4”.

12 Volt RGB LED Strip Lights

Ideal for projects that need lower voltage, our 12 volt LED RGB Color Changing Strip Lights still offer color changing and color chasing options. Like the single color 12v tape lights, these come with a self-adhesive backing and require a transformer. For indoor or outdoor projects, our RGB strip light is the perfect fit.

LED Strip Light Accessories

Complete your LED Strip Light project with matching accessories! We carry everything from mounting track and clips to controllers and power cords. No project is too complicated as we carry just about everything you need to complete your LED Tape Light project.

LED Strip Lights vs. LED Rope Lights

Why use LED Strip Lights for your next project? Not only are the hottest linear lighting line out there right now, they provide more light than there LED Rope Light counterparts do. Our LED tape lights are rectangular in shape and provide customers with a 180-degree beam angle. They are perfect for perimeter lighting, signs, under cabinet, and so much more! They can be used inside or outside and provide longevity and maximum light output. Encased in a PVC tube, ribbon lights are protected from damage, dust, rain, and other elements. Our LED Strip Lights can be cut along their designated cutting intervals to provide you with customization to fit your project needs!

Lighting pattern differences between rope and strip light

What does SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 mean?

The numbers that follow the term SMD denote the size of the surface mounted diode (SMD). The 3528 option is slightly smaller but still offers brilliant lighting and since the diode is smaller, the tape light itself is too making it ideal for tight spaces. 5050 LED Strip Lights are ideal when lumen output is the priority as it offers the brightest solution. Both types can be used indoors or out and come in the same colors, so you are sure to get exactly what you are looking for.

Size differences between 3528 and 5050 strip light leds

How do I pick the right type of LED Strip Light?

Not sure what type to pick – 12volt or 120volt? SMD 3528 or SMD 5050? IP22 or IP65? Here are a couple of quick tips to help make it a little easier for you:

12 Volt: Ideal where lower line voltage is required. Self-adhesive and more flexible with 2”-4” cutting marks making it more customizable.

120 Volt: Best when longer run lengths are needed. No transformer required but does require some form of mounting hardware. Cutting intervals at 19.5inches.

SMD 3528: Smaller diode size provides brightness in a more compact lighting strip.

SMD 5050: Larger diode inside the PVC offers the biggest and baddest lighting solution.

IP22: For indoor use. 120volt LED Strip Light come rated for indoor use. For the 12volt option, IP22 will be denoted in the description.

IP65: For outdoor use. 120volt LED Strip Light will need a weatherproofing kit at all connection points (where the power cord connects, end cap connection, etc.). 12volt tape light will disclose rating in the title.