Rope Light Accessories

120 Volt 1/2 Inch High Output LED Rope Light Power Supply


Use this high output rectified power supply to power long runs of 1/2 inch LED rope lights. Run a combined length of up to 600 feet. This is our largest LED rope light power supply. Much more than a normal LED power cord, this 8 amp goliath can power up...

2-Channel Lighting Dimmer Controller - 120 Volt

$69.99 $49.99

This is an effective tool when you want full control over the brightness of your lighting system. This two channel dimmer works great for rope lighting but will work on virtually any standard 120V lighting product. Features: 2 Channel dimmer...

2-Function Flashing Lighting Controller - 120 Volt


Are you looking up to spice up your LED lighting? Then buy our 120 volt 2 function flashing controller today to experience different lighting effects for your LED lights. There are two flashing effects and a steady burn setting that will give life to...

2-Channel Lighting Fader Controller - 120 Volt


Fading controller can be used to create a fading effect with your 120 volt lighting. Two standard receptacles make using this universal fading controller as simple as plugging it in. Each controller outlet is on a separate channel so one comes on while...

6-Function Flashing Lighting Controller With Sound Chip - 120 Volt

$59.99 $39.99

Do you want your lights to dance to the beat of music? Use our multi-function, two-knob controller with rope lights, strip lights, or any other lighting product that has a standard power cord. The sound chip controller has 2 outlets that will power a...

1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun


Many jobs become easier with a heat gun around. Strip paint and varnish, remove decals, loosen fittings, thaw pipes and more! Dual temperature control allows a 572 degree setting for normal jobs and a 12.1 amp/1112 degree high setting for those that...

6-Function RGB LED Rope Light Mini Inline Controller - 120 Volt


Pair this RGB LED color changing mini inline controller with our RGB Color Changing LED Rope Light for an economical way to create stunning multiple different color changing effects. Simple to connect and easy to use. The single push button on the RGB...

20 piece 2-Wire 1/2 Inch Rope Light Power Accessory Kit

$44.99 $26.99

Buying rope light accessories in a 5 pack will save you money. Each rope light cord can power up to 150' of incandescent rope lighting. Run up to 750' total. Inline splices come in handy for extending an existing run. Includes: 5 Power Cords (1 cord...

81pc 1/2 Inch LED Rope Light Accessory Kit

$56.96 $24.99

The easiest most cost effective way to make sure you have plenty of accessories for your LED rope lights is to buy our LED rope light accessory kits. These kits are packaged with a variety of all the available standard LED rope light accessories. This...

Rope Lights Accessories

Get the most out of your incandescent or LED rope lights with our large collection of rope light accessories. We have everything you need for your next custom lighting project including:

  • Mounting Clips and Track/Channel – Use rope light mounting clips and rope light mounting track for a clean, linear, professional installation.
  • Power Supplies – Power your low voltage rope lights with our selection of 120 volt to 12 volt transformers. For 120 volt rope lights we offer complete power cords with built in rectifiers
  • Cables and Connectors – Bridge gaps, extend cords, splice in sections, split power and more. We have what you need to create multiple runs of lights for any installation.
  • Controllers -- You will also find our many options for rope light controllers to help you dim, fade, flash, as well as many other effects for an optimal LED experience.

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