Rope Light Accessories

Standard 120 Volt 5 Foot LED Rope Light Power Cord Kit - Black


Standard LED power cords for use with LED Rope Lights. For projects that require more than one run of LED rope lights, purchase this LED rope light cord complete with inline rectifier, power connector, end cap, and shrink sleeve. That's everything you...

39 Inch x 3/4 Inch Clear Mounting Track For RGB LED Rope Light

$3.49 $2.49

Our 39 inch sections of 3/4 inch Clear PVC Rope Light track give you the ability to create completely straight lines in your lighting project. Whether it is cove lighting, accents for your gutters, or even signage, Rope Light track allows you to...

39 Inch x 3/8 Inch Clear Rope Light Mounting Track

$3.99 $1.89

For a clean, straight, professional look use our 3/8 Inch PVC rope light mounting track with UV protection. Ideal for projects that need to be completely linear with no sagging. Rope lighting channel allows you to incorporate perfect straight runs that...

Premium Silicone Sealant


Required for use with LED or Incandescent lighting accessory connections when used outdoors or where moisture may be present. Recommended combined use with our Weatherproofing Heat Tape Kit.

Standard LED Rope Light Female to Female Extension

$6.99 $2.99

Use female to female LED rope light extensions for spanning gaps between windows, passing through walls, or other spaces where you need standard power wire instead of rope lights, but still want to maintain your connection. Includes 1 female to female...

1/2 Inch Rope Light Invisible Splice Kit (2 Pack)

$5.99 $3.99

Invisible Inline Splice Kit (2 pack) - Use with 1/2 inch 2-Wire Rope Lights to seamlessly connect two runs of rope light. Includes two male pin rope light connectors and shrink sleeves. See our guide for installing the invisible inline splice kit.

1/2 Inch Rope Light End Caps (5-pack)


Rope Light End Cap (5-pack) Use with 1/2 inch 2-Wire Rope Lights to seal the end of your rope light sections. When used with silicone waterproof sealant, these end caps will help to protect against moisture.

1/2 Inch Crocodile Rope Light Mounting Clips (25 Pack)


Use with 1/2 inch Incandescent Rope Lights or 1/2 inch LED Rope Lights. Rope light clips can be fastened together for multiple runs next to each other. Mount with screws. Recommended screw size: #2, #3, #4, or M3 (not included)

1/2 Inch Rope Light C-Style Mounting Clips (50 Pack)

$9.99 $6.99

C-Style Mounting Clips (50 pack) Mounting screws included Use with 1/2 inch 2-Wire Rope Lights to attach to most hard surfaces. Recommended for indoor use only. Recommended clip spacing is one clip per foot of rope light. Additional hardware may be...

120 Volt LED Rope Light Splice Kit (2 Pack)

$6.99 $4.99

Splice together two different pieces of LED rope lights by using these LED rope light splices. Also useful for replacing a section of LED rope light that has burned out. Includes 2 clear inline splices and 4 power pins, For outdoor use please use our...

LED Female to Female Extension For RGB LED Rope Light

$9.99 $2.99

You can use F-F extensions with our RGB LED rope light for creating non-lit space in the middle of your runs. Use of sealant is suggested on 4-wire connections. Available in lengths of 5 feet or 10 feet.

LED Rope Light Power Connectors (5-pack)


Power connectors (5-pack) for use with LED Rope Lights. Available for standard 1/2 inch LED rope light and 3/4 inch RGB LED rope lights. Note: Actual color may vary from picture shown.

Standard LED Rope Light T Connector


LED rope light T connectors are ideal for splitting your LED rope light off into two seperate directions 90 degrees from your incoming piece. Includes 1 LED rope light T connector and 3 T power connectors for attaching your LED rope lights.

1/2 Inch Rope Light P-Style Mounting Clips (50 Pack)

$9.99 $6.99

P-Style LED Rope Light Mounting Clips (50 pack) Mounting screws included Use P clips to attach your 1/2 inch 2-wire rope lights to most hard surfaces. Complete wrap around ensures a secure installation. Clips recommended for outdoor rope light...

Rope Lights Accessories

Get the most out of your incandescent or LED rope lights with our large collection of rope light accessories. We have everything you need for your next custom lighting project including:

  • Mounting Clips and Track/Channel – Use rope light mounting clips and rope light mounting track for a clean, linear, professional installation.
  • Power Supplies – Power your low voltage rope lights with our selection of 120 volt to 12 volt transformers. For 120 volt rope lights we offer complete power cords with built in rectifiers
  • Cables and Connectors – Bridge gaps, extend cords, splice in sections, split power and more. We have what you need to create multiple runs of lights for any installation.
  • Controllers -- You will also find our many options for rope light controllers to help you dim, fade, flash, as well as many other effects for an optimal LED experience.

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