Rope Lights

2-Wire 3/8 Inch Rope Light Female to Female Extension (5-Pack)


Female to Female Extension (5 pack) for use with 3/8 inch rope lights. Choose from 2 foot or 6 foot lengths. Requires 3/8 inch Power Connectors (not included) Use with 3/8 inch 2-Wire Rope Lights to Connect Two Sections of Rope Light with a 2 foot or...

20 piece 2-Wire 1/2 Inch Rope Light Power Accessory Kit

$44.99 $26.99

Buying rope light accessories in a 5 pack will save you money. Each rope light cord can power up to 150' of incandescent rope lighting. Run up to 750' total. Inline splices come in handy for extending an existing run. Includes: 5 Power Cords (1 cord...

3/8 Inch Rope Light End Caps (5 Pack)


Rope Light End Caps (5 pack) Use with 3/8 inch 2-Wire Rope Lights to seal the end of your sections. Helps to protect your rope light against dust and debris, and when used with silicon sealant, can help resist moisture.

3/8 Inch Rope Light P-Style Mounting Clips (50 Pack)

$7.99 $5.60

P-Style Mounting Clips (50 pack) Mounting screws included. Use P clips to attach your 3/8 inch 2-wire rope lights to most hard surfaces. Complete wrap around ensures a secure installation. Recommended for outdoor installations. Recommended clip spacing...

39 Inch x 3/4 Inch Clear Mounting Track For RGB LED Rope Light

$3.49 $2.49

Our 39 inch sections of 3/4 inch Clear PVC Rope Light track give you the ability to create completely straight lines in your lighting project. Whether it is cove lighting, accents for your gutters, or even signage, Rope Light track allows you to...

39 Inch x 3/8 Inch Clear Rope Light Mounting Track

$3.99 $1.89

For a clean, straight, professional look use our 3/8 Inch PVC rope light mounting track with UV protection. Ideal for projects that need to be completely linear with no sagging. Rope lighting channel allows you to incorporate perfect straight runs that...

6 Foot Anodized Aluminum Track for 1/2 Inch Rope Light

$21.99 $19.99

Bring the look and feel of your rope light display to the next level with our Anodized Mounting Track. With clear mounting track embedded within reflective material, this product gives your rope lights the illusion of containing three times the amount...

Rope Lights

Indoor and outdoor rope lights have revolutionized the linear lighting industry because they are versatile, affordable, easy to use, and simple to install. Due to an industry shift towards light emitting diodes, LED rope lights offer even greater benefits in energy consumption and life span. Known under many names including tube lights, cable lights, light rope, and flexible impact lighting, this exciting product has changed the way people bring lighting to their everyday life. This versatile product is now being used virtually everywhere you look and Brilliant Brand is leading the pack in terms of quality, durability, availability and customer service.

What are rope lights? Rope lights consist of miniature bulbs (incandescent or LED) encased in flexible PVC tubing and can be cut to various lengths at the marked intervals. Bend and customize them into almost any shape to suit your lighting needs. This flexible, durable product has almost limitless possibilities.

For extended life, indoor and outdoor LED Rope Lights use small diodes that emit light to produce a glowing effect. These innovative products have a working life that is three times longer than standard incandescent bulbs, and consumes even times less energy! Indoor and outdoor LED Rope Lights produce a brighter, more brilliant glow for your custom projects.

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