Rope Lights

1/2 Inch Rope Light Invisible Splice Kit (2 Pack)

$5.99 $3.99

Invisible Inline Splice Kit (2 pack) - Use with 1/2 inch 2-Wire Rope Lights to seamlessly connect two runs of rope light. Includes two male pin rope light connectors and shrink sleeves. See our guide for installing the invisible inline splice kit.

1/2 Inch Rope Light Male to Male Connector


All new and exclusive to Birddog Lighting - our male-to-male rope light connector is the perfect solution for adapting accessories for your rope light project. This connector allows you to connect two 1/2 in. rope light accessories together; extend the...

1/2 Inch Rope Light P-Style Mounting Clips (50 Pack)

$9.99 $6.99

P-Style LED Rope Light Mounting Clips (50 pack) Mounting screws included Use P clips to attach your 1/2 inch 2-wire rope lights to most hard surfaces. Complete wrap around ensures a secure installation. Clips recommended for outdoor rope light...

1/2 Inch Rope Light X-Connector


1/2 inch X-Connector Kit Use with 1/2 inch 2-Wire Rope Lights to connect four lengths in an X configuration Kit Includes: 4 Male Pins 4 PVC Connectors 4 Shrink Sleeves Instructions

12 Volt Battery Pack


Use to power 12V lighting when a regular power supply can not be used or is not available. Requires 8 D cell batteries, not included.

120 Volt 1/2 Inch High Output LED Rope Light Power Supply


Use this high output rectified power supply to power long runs of 1/2 inch LED rope lights. Run a combined length of up to 600 feet. This is our largest LED rope light power supply. Much more than a normal LED power cord, this 8 amp goliath can power up...

120 Volt LED Rope Light Splice Kit (2 Pack)

$6.99 $4.99

Splice together two different pieces of LED rope lights by using these LED rope light splices. Also useful for replacing a section of LED rope light that has burned out. Includes 2 clear inline splices and 4 power pins, For outdoor use please use our...

1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun


Many jobs become easier with a heat gun around. Strip paint and varnish, remove decals, loosen fittings, thaw pipes and more! Dual temperature control allows a 572 degree setting for normal jobs and a 12.1 amp/1112 degree high setting for those that...

2-Channel Lighting Dimmer Controller - 120 Volt

$69.99 $49.99

This is an effective tool when you want full control over the brightness of your lighting system. This two channel dimmer works great for rope lighting but will work on virtually any standard 120V lighting product. Features: 2 Channel dimmer...

2-Channel Lighting Fader Controller - 120 Volt


Fading controller can be used to create a fading effect with your 120 volt lighting. Two standard receptacles make using this universal fading controller as simple as plugging it in. Each controller outlet is on a separate channel so one comes on while...

2-Function Flashing Lighting Controller - 120 Volt


Are you looking up to spice up your LED lighting? Then buy our 120 volt 2 function flashing controller today to experience different lighting effects for your LED lights. There are two flashing effects and a steady burn setting that will give life to...

Rope Lights

Indoor and outdoor rope lights have revolutionized the linear lighting industry because they are versatile, affordable, easy to use, and simple to install. Due to an industry shift towards light emitting diodes, LED rope lights offer even greater benefits in energy consumption and life span. Known under many names including tube lights, cable lights, light rope, and flexible impact lighting, this exciting product has changed the way people bring lighting to their everyday life. This versatile product is now being used virtually everywhere you look and Brilliant Brand is leading the pack in terms of quality, durability, availability and customer service.

What are rope lights? Rope lights consist of miniature bulbs (incandescent or LED) encased in flexible PVC tubing and can be cut to various lengths at the marked intervals. Bend and customize them into almost any shape to suit your lighting needs. This flexible, durable product has almost limitless possibilities.

For extended life, indoor and outdoor LED Rope Lights use small diodes that emit light to produce a glowing effect. These innovative products have a working life that is three times longer than standard incandescent bulbs, and consumes even times less energy! Indoor and outdoor LED Rope Lights produce a brighter, more brilliant glow for your custom projects.

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