120 Volt LED Rope Lights

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Orange LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - 148 Feet

$199.99 $149.99

Orange LED Rope Light Spool – Light up the party with high visibility orange LED rope lights. Carefully crafted to offer you the most versatile, durable, and customizable lighting solution. Super flexible rope lights are the perfect choice for...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Multi-Color LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Custom Cut Multi-Color LED Rope Light – If you seek variety for your next lighting project then our custom cut multi-color LED rope light is for you. Multi-color LED rope lights include red, blue, green, and yellow all in the same strand of rope...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Yellow LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - 148 Feet


Yellow LED Rope Light Spool – Discover why yellow LED rope lights are a top choice among decorators and do it yourselfers. You’ll be amazed at how easy and versatile they are to use. Made by encasing LEDs in flexible PVC tubing, rope lights...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Purple LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Custom Cut Purple LED Rope Light – Buy as much or as little as you need. With our cut to length purple LED rope lights you won’t have to splurge for an entire bulk spool. Great for smaller lighting projects or whenever you prefer us to do the...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Gold LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Gold Custom Cut LED Rope Light – Our custom cut gold LED rope lights are sure to bring a stunning look to your next project. Custom cut to our specific intervals, these flexi rope lights are versatile and easy to use by simply installing and...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Teal LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Custom Cut Teal LED Rope Light – If you are intrigued by the Teal color rope lights but don’t need a whole spool, then purchase one of our custom cuts so you can get the length you need in 19.5 inch intervals! Birddog Lighting is the only...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Yellow LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Custom Cut Yellow LED Rope Light – LED rope lights are versatile and incredibly easy to use. With our custom cut yellow LED rope light all you need to do is specify the length in an increment of 19.5 inches and we’ll do the rest. We cut to...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Teal LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - 148 Feet

$269.99 $199.99

Teal LED Rope Lights – the newest LED rope light color only available at Birddog Lighting! Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. Teal - a common sight in the natural world - is often used in interior...

No Label

LED Rope Light Sports Package - 120 Volt


Show your support for your favorite team with Brilliant LED Rope Lights. This Custom LED Lighting Package is perfect for any sporting event and any team. Simply choose your team’s colors and show your pride - Go Team! Includes two 16.4 foot LED Rope...

148' Light Yellow LED rope light spool. 120 Volts. Brilliant Brand. 1/2" diameter.

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Light Yellow LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - Directional - 148 Feet

$199.99 $99.99

Directional 120-Volt Light Yellow LED Rope Lights are a hard to find led rope light color. This softer yellow color is less intense than standard yellow yet more yellow in appearance than warm white. Soft yellow provides superior contrast when compared...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Fuchsia LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Custom Cut Fuchsia LED Rope Light – Our custom cut fuchsia rope lighting provides a deep rose-colored glow that’s perfect for so many lighting applications. Available in intervals of 19.5”, you can specify a short piece for a pop of...

Four Major Benefits of 120-Volt LED Rope Lights

Color choice and quality - LED rope lights produce every color known in the visible light spectrum at a high quality coloring. This is done without the use of a filter and without a decrease in efficacy. White rope lighting is available in different color temperatures. Choose cool white LED rope lights for a slight blue hue that is good for task lighting, or choose warm white that has a yellow hue which is good for creating a more comfortable relaxing atmosphere. Can’t decide on what color rope lights you want for your lighting project? Choose them all by purchasing an RGB (red, green, blue) LED rope light that can change colors and rotate between color patterns through the use of a LED rope light controller.

Durability - Rope lights are already known for their strength and flexibility, but with the use of LED chips instead of incandescent bulbs your rope lights will last longer, hold up in cold weather, and be less prone to failure.

Energy Savings - Our 120-volt LED rope lights require less power than any other type of lighting technology, saving up to 80% in energy costs. If you want to save money and reduce your energy consumption, choose LED rope lighting over incandescent.

Custom Lighting Effects - There are many different lighting effects that can be achieved with LED rope light. LED rope lighting is highly programmable through use of controllers which allow you to dim, fade, chase, and change color.

What are LED Rope Lights?

Brilliant Brand LED Rope lights consist of bright and durable LEDs encased in high quality PVC tubing and is most often used to provide accent lighting for living spaces, commercial buildings, or landscaping. Rope Lights give you the ability to create custom accent lighting projects at home, and can also be used in virtually any lighting application due to their extreme versatility.

Why LED over Incandescent?

The advantages of LED Rope Light when compared to standard incandescent rope lights are striking. LEDs produce a brighter light than incandescent bulbs and consume 90% less energy! In addition, LED bulbs will last nearly three times longer and are much more durable than incandescent bulbs.

See our Rope Light FAQs page for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.