16.4ft uv blacklight led strip light spool - 12 volt - smd-3528 - ip22
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UV Blacklight LED Strip Light - 12 Volt - High Output (SMD 3528) - Indoor Use (IP22) - 16.4 Feet

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SKU: STRP3528-22UV
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  • 12 volt mini inline dimmer with wireless remote
16.4 Feet
UV Blacklight
12 Volts
Cutting Intervals:
2 Inches
Light Output:
Outdoor Use (IP22)
Cut Sheet:
12V 3528 SMD LED Rope Light Cut Sheet
12V SMD 3528 LED Strip Light Installation
12V SMD 3528 LED Strip Light Accessories

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Product Overview

UV Blacklight LED strip lights are versatile lighting solutions that emit ultraviolet light, illuminating fluorescent materials and creating a surreal, glowing ambiance. Often used for parties, theatrical performances, artwork displays, and for Halloween decorations, these strips cast a unique purple hue, making white and neon colors pop brilliantly in the dark.

Made up of numerous LED chips encased in a flexible strip, they can be easily installed in various locations since they can be contoured to fit different shapes. These LED strip lights are energy-efficient and have a prolonged lifespan, ensuring long hours of radiant ultraviolet illumination. Whether for creating a party mood or enhancing art displays, UV Blacklight LED strips are the go-to for a captivating visual experience.

Brilliant Brand 12-volt LED strip lights come in 16.4-foot spools that are cuttable every 2 inches. 12V Power supplies and accessories sold separately. Comes with 3M double sided adhesive backing for hassle free mounting. Each spool features 300 bright LEDs in a 395-405 NM range.

UV Blacklight LEDs have many applications. Here are some good places and situations to use them:

  • Parties and Nightclubs: Enhance the party atmosphere by making white and neon-colored clothing, accessories, and decorations glow.
  • Bowling Alleys: A "cosmic" or "glow" bowling night, where lanes, pins, and even the bowling balls can glow under UV light, enhances the entertainment factor and attracts a younger crowd.
  • Arcades: Illuminate game zones with UV lights to make them more exciting and engaging, especially for games that have fluorescent elements.
  • Theatrical Productions: For special lighting effects on stage, highlighting certain elements or creating a surreal environment.
  • Escape Rooms: Use UV light to reveal hidden clues or messages written in fluorescent ink.
  • Haunted Houses: For Halloween or themed events, UV lights can give props, costumes, and makeup a ghostly, eerie glow.
  • Aquariums: Some marine organisms naturally fluoresce under UV light, making them a stunning visual for viewers.
  • Crime Scene Investigation: UV lights can reveal certain biological residues, like blood or other bodily fluids, which may be invisible to the naked eye.
  • Authentication: UV lights can be used to validate currency, driver's licenses, or other official documents that have UV watermarking.
  • Posters and Dorm Rooms: Many posters, especially vintage ones, have UV-reactive elements that come alive under blacklight.
  • Mini Golf: Indoor mini-golf venues often feature "glow-in-the-dark" themes using UV blacklights for a fun and unique experience.

Includes 1 x female barrel plug

When using UV Blacklight LEDs, always ensure safety precautions are in place, as excessive exposure to UV light can be harmful to the skin and eyes.

  • We strongly recommend the use of a surge protector with our strip lights.
  • All connections must be sealed with a weatherproof heat tape kit when installing rope lights outdoors.
  • To avoid damaging your lighting and the possible fire risk, completely unspool lights before connecting to power.
  • Prior to cutting or modifying your lights, we recommend testing the light output and color for your project. Failure to test before altering a product may result in the inability to return or exchange your purchase.
  • Lights are not supposed to be kept on 24 hours a day. Leaving them on 24/7 can cause them to overheat, shorten their lifespan, and is not covered under warranty. Please turn lights off for a couple of hours each day.


Length: 16.4 Feet Feet
LED Color: UV Blacklight
Input: 12 Volt DC
Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
Power Consumption: Watts Per Foot: 1.46 Watts
Watts Per 16.4ft Spool: 24 Watts
Amps Per Foot: 0.12 Amps
Amps Per 16.4ft Spool: 2 Amps
Current: 45-54mA per meter
Bulbs 300 Standard Intensity SMD 3528 LED's
Cutting Intervals: 2 Inches
Dimensions: 3mm Tall x 8mm Wide
Weather Resistance: IP22 - Indoor Use Only
Lumen Output: 46 Lumens per foot
Wavelength: 465-470 nm
Max Run Length: 20 Feet
Temperature Rating: -20°F - 130°F
Dimmable: Yes

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