LED Neon Rope Light Accessories

LED Neon 120-Volt Rope Light 39 Inch Track

$5.96 $2.99

LED Neon 120-Volt Rope Light 39 inch Track is great when you need a straight run of LED Neon Rope Lights. The track is made of UV Protected PVC and comes in 39 inch sections. It can easily be attached with screws simply snap a quick guide line and start...

LED Neon 120-Volt Rope Light 2 Inch Aluminum Clips (5-pack)


There are many options for mounting you LED Neon Rope Lights. This pack of 5 clips are made of aluminum to endure outdoor applications. For the straightest possible mounting option many find the LED Neon 120-Volt Rope Light 39 Inch Track as the best...

White LED Neon Rope Light Power Cord Kit - 120 Volt - 5 Feet


Use this white 5 foot LED neon rope light power cord for individual runs of neon rope lights. Includes built in rectifier, power connector, end cap, and heat shrink. Each neon power cord will run up to 150 feet. NOTE: For outdoor lighting projects...

Premium Silicone Sealant


Required for use with LED or Incandescent lighting accessory connections when used outdoors or where moisture may be present. Recommended combined use with our Weatherproofing Heat Tape Kit.

LED Neon 2-Wire 120-Volt Rope Light Female to Female Extension


The ideal choice for turning any corner or to create small gaps – perfect for lettering – is the LED Neon 2-wire 120-volt rope light 6 inch extension. For larger gaps choose the 2ft or 6ft option. Female extensions can bend and twist at any...

LED Neon 120-Volt Rope Light End Caps (5-pack)


The LED Neon Rope Light End Cap is used at the end of cut lengths of neon rope light to protect the end from outside elements. These end caps (5-pack) can be used with both 2-wire LED Neon Rope Light and 4-Wire RGB LED Neon Rope Light. It is recommended...

Lighting Storage Spools

$6.99 $4.99

Rope and strip light spools are the perfect storage solution for all your non-permanent rope, strip, or holiday lighting projects. Use these spools to safely store custom cut rope and strip light lengths or use as an easy and convenient way to store your...

Rope and Strip Light Cutter


Make Perfect Cuts Every Time! - Our aluminium anvil rope light cutter features: aluminum handles and coated blade resist rust, extending the life of this tool. This rope light cutter has a single straight cutting blade to close down on the flat edge or...

6-Function Flashing Lighting Controller With Sound Chip - 120 Volt

$59.99 $39.99

Do you want your lights to dance to the beat of music? Use our three-knob, flashing light controller with rope lights, strip lights, or any other lighting product that has a standard power cord. This sound chip controller has 2 outlets that will power a...

LED Neon 4-Wire 120-Volt RGB Rope Light Splice Connector


The LED Neon 4-Wire 120-Volt RGB Rope Light Splice Connector is used to connect to runs end to end. Also includes power connectors and heat shrink. silicone sealant and the heat shrink is recommended for outdoor projects.

LED Neon 2-Wire 120-Volt Rope Light T Connector


Need to make a run up the wall and then branch off left and right with the LED Neon Rope Light facing out. The LED Neon 2-Wire 120-Volt Rope Light T Connector will accomplish just that. Includes power connectors and shrink. It is recommend that you...

RGB LED Neon Rope Light Y Connector


If you need to split your run of neon rope lights into 2 directions, then purchase our RGB LED Neon Rope Light Y Connector. The Y extension includes plug ends that will give you the flexibility to split lights for whatever your lighting project calls for...

Complete your LED neon rope lighting project to your satisfaction with our wide selection of LED neon rope light accessories. Our power cord kits allow you to create additional runs as needed for your project. You can also power your lights with one of our controllers while also having the ability to dim, fade, flash, change colors in your RGB neon lights, and much more! LED neon rope lights are becoming one of the most popular products on the market and Birddog Lighting has accessories to match our premium Brilliant Brand LED neon rope lights. We have many ways to connect your lights together with female to female connectors, power connector pins, L-connectors, and Y-connectors to split a run in two directions. We also have many options for mounting your lights with our premium clips and track, both available in aluminum or PVC plastic.

Now featuring our newest controllers and power sources for our one of a kind 24 volt LED RGB Neon Dream Color lights! With over 300 settings on our LED-X controller, you will have full control of the newest product on the market. We have outdoor and indoor power sources to get you started. Browse our LED neon rope light accessories and make your project installation meet your expectations today!

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