Indoor String Light Ideas: Part 2 of 3

Posted by Joshua Prieto on Nov 1st 2015

Indoor String Light Ideas: Part 2 of 3

Part 2 of the 100 String Light Ideas blog series

String lights have so many applications the uses are limitless, but we’ve come up with 100 indoor string lights ideas just to fit your fancy. This ultimate list of string light ideas is so grand it has three parts: Part 1 – outdoor string light ideas, Part 2 – indoor string light ideas, and Part 3 – DIY string light hack ideas. Check the prior blog post links to check out your area of interest.

Indoor String Light Ideas

26) Hang them from a tall ceiling  Indoor string light ideas #26 27) Frame a kitchen window  This obviously doesn’t have to be a kitchen window, it could be any window, but it does provide a great night light for grabbing that late night glass of water. Indoor string light ideas #27   28) Deck out your hallway with string lights  Indoor string light ideas #28 29) There is more than one way to deck out a hallway with string lights Indoor string light ideas #29 30) Create a string light photo wall  Indoor string light ideas #30 31) Add some color to that string light photo wall Indoor String Light Ideas #31 32) Outline a collage of photos in a heart shape. Lady’s dorm room style! Indoor string light ideas #32 33) Outline a collage of photos in a heart shape. Trendy mom style!  If you’re no longer living in the dorms and possibly have a child or two in the dorms, don’t think you can’t pull this lighted collage off in your own bedroom. It may just be a wonderful way to highlight your mommy memories. Indoor string light ideas #33 34) Put string lights in a picture frame to hang pictures on Indoor string light ideas #34   35) Make a home shaped head board from string lights  Indoor string light ideas #35 36) Make string lights into branches for unique head board  Indoor string light ideas #36 37) Put string lights behind sheer curtain and call it a head board  Indoor string light ideas #37   38) Throw them under the bed Indoor string light ideas #38   39) Even cooler if it’s a pallet bed  Is anyone else drooling over this pallet bed? This is another testament that string lights can go just about anywhere and another case made for making all your furniture out of reclaimed pallets. Indoor string light ideas #39 40) You could even stick them under a bedroom dresser  Indoor string light ideas #40 41) Create bedroom constellations   Indoor string light ideas #41   42) Create a bedroom fairy light tent  Indoor string light ideas #42 43) Create a fairy light bed canopy   Adults can enjoy these indoor fairy lights ideas as well. If your husband gives you grief about it and won’t go for the string light bed canopy, ask him if he would like an adult version of idea number 56. Indoor string light ideas #43 44) Place your string lights on a dining table   Indoor string light ideas #44 45) Hang string lights above a nightstand  Indoor string light ideas #45 46) Outline a mirror in string lights  Indoor string light ideas #46 47) Make it a vintage mirror  Indoor string light ideas #47 48) Or maybe even a vanity mirror  Indoor string light ideas #48 49) Or even better, make it a Hollywood style vanity mirror  Make sure to take a look at the link on this one. There is a full DIY tutorial on making your own hollywood vanity. Indoor string light ideas #49 50) Drape string lights over a bookshelf  Indoor string light ideas #50   I am Josh, Josh I am. That Josh I am, that Josh I am, always listing off string light ideas again. If you’re starting to feel like we are in a Dr. Suess story than join the club, but by the end of this you’ll soon realize that you like string lights and BAM! You’ll light them up on your bed, sled, or anything else I’ve said. 51) Create an indoor tree  Indoor string light ideas #51 52) Make it a colorful tree  Indoor string light ideas #52 53) Light up that dark hallway  This is another Griswold family hack. The more light the better, just make sure you use LED string lights so you don’t trip the breaker. Indoor string light ideas #53 54) Add Chinese lanterns to the bedroom  Indoor string light ideas #54 55) Wrap them around an old latter   idea #55 56) Light up a kid’s room with a fun teepee  There is no reason you couldn’t scale this up to an adult size and do a backyard teepee bathed in string lights. What do you think? idea #56   57) Light up a dark closet  idea #57 58) Light up your game trophy   lighting idea #58  

Part 3 DIY String Light Hack Ideas

There we have it! What were your favorite Indoor string light ideas? If you still want more, don’t fret, we still have another entire post of fun DIY string light hacks to take a look at. Tune in on Monday, August 3rd, for the rest of the 100 String Light Ideas blog series.              

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