DIY String Light Hacks Part 3 of 3

Posted by Joshua Prieto on Nov 3rd 2015

DIY String Light Hacks Part 3 of 3

Part 3 of the 100 String Light Ideas blog series

The finale of the series brings you several DIY string light hacks to do in just about any space you can imagine. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the previous posts in this series then don’t miss out. Part 1 gives you great outdoor string light ideas and Part 2 gives you a wonderful array of indoor string light ideas. Know that each idea was curated online and we have provided the sources to each. If you follow the links you may find several 100 more lighting ideas. Enjoy!

DIY String Light Hacks

59) Create an Alice in Wonderland tea party DIY string light hack ideas #59 60) Create a backlit canvas art piece DIY string light hacks idea #60 61) Make it a back-lit constellation canvas You’ll want to follow the above link for a tutorial on this one. You’d be surprised at just how easy it is to complete this DIY project. DIY string light hacks idea #61 62) Create a lighted backdrop  DIY string light hacks idea #62 63) Fairy Light mason Jar  DIY string light hacks idea #63 64) Light up some letters! Marquee style  DIY string light hacks idea #64 65) Light up some letters the easy way DIY string light hacks idea #65 66) Make it easy and inspirational If you take a close look it is actually rope light, but you could definitely interchange many of these projects out for rope light. DIY string light hacks idea #66 67) Make it even more inspirational  Yes another string light lettering, but if you didn’t want to do cursive text this example gives you a better idea of how to do print lettering. DIY string light hacks idea #67 68) Make a geometrical design DIY string light hacks idea #68 69) Create a vintage marquee sign There is a fun tutorial on this one give it a look. DIY string light hacks idea #69 70) Create some game room letters  This idea also has a tuturial on it if you’re liking the look of it. DIY string light hacks idea #70 71) Create a string light globe out of wire baskets This DIY string light idea is real simple and takes only few items to create. Check out the link for a quick tutorial. DIY string light hacks idea # 71 The replica watches next five ideas use tree branches and twigs to create some awesome lighting projects. 72) Use tree branches and string lights to make lighted blossoms on a bedroom wall DIY string light hacks idea #72 73) Create a room divider with branches and string lights  DIY string light Hacks idea #73 74) Turn your pole beams into trees and light it up DIY string light hacks idea #74 75) Light up a desk nook with a branch and string lights  DIY string light hacks #75 76) Create branch chandelier with string lights  DIY string light hacks idea #76 77) Make a chandelier with an old umbrella   DIY string light hacks idea #77   78) Make a hula hoop chandelier  Idea #78 79) Create a unique lighting design out of hula hoops and string lights Idea #81   80) Create a barn-wood arrow directed with light idea #80 81) Party on with this dixie-cup garland (tutorial included)  idea #81 82) Create a flame-less fire pit   idea #82 83) Build some Jute Twinkle Lights  idea #83 84) Light up a wine bottle  idea #84 85) Now celebrate a 21st birthday   idea #85 86) Now hang the wine bottles from the 21st birthday from the ceiling   idea #86   87) For the true wino, hang them from the eaves of your home  idea #87 88) Make some mini lamps out of cupcake liners idea # 88   89) Make these paper cube string lights idea #89     90) Wrap up string lights in cotton candy – yum!   idea #90   91) Create your own colorful string light bulbs idea #91 92) Even better then the cupcake mini-lamps, cupcake flowers  idea #92   93) Don’t like the cupcake flowers? Try egg cartons  idea #93 94) Make these string light mini rain clouds idea #94 95) Make a 2D version and place it as a head board  idea #95 96) Stuff an old stuffed animal with string lights   idea #96 97) Outfit a vintage firetruck toy  idea #97   98) Add some ping pong balls to those Christmas lights  idea #98   99) String them through a door!  String light ideas #99 You made it! 100 string light ideas! I guess there is just one more idea for string lights that we’ve come across. You may of heard of this though. 100) Decorate your home for Christmas  The final string light idea #100

Making your ideas happen

The purpose for this series has been to generate ideas and inspire, but if you’ve found yourself excited to take on a simple or not so simple lighting project Birddog Lighting is here to help. Whether you have questions about what type of string lights to use in your DIY hack or your wondering about the type of lighting for your kitchen remodel we got your back. If you’re just looking for the next lighting design inspiration we got that to. Give us call, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or keep up on our weekly blog posts.                  

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