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12v LED Strip Light Accessories

No Label

Premium Silicone Sealant


Required for use with LED or Incandescent lighting accessory connections when used outdoors or where moisture may be present. Recommended combined use with our weatherproofing kits for 12 Volt Strip Light, 120 Volt Rope Light/Strip Light/Neon Strip...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

12 Volt LED Strip Light Power Supply

$19.99 $16.99

Use a 12 volt power supply for LED strip lights to safely provide power when plugged into a standard 120 volt wall outlet. LED strip light power supplies are available in three different amperages to best serve your lighting project needs: 2 Amp Power...

No Label

12 Volt LED Strip Light Solderless Splice (SMD-3528)


An in-line splice is extremely useful in most lighting projects. When using LED Strip Lights, it is often necessary to make cuts at the custom cutting intervals to finish your project. With in-line splices, you have the ability to join all of your...

Perimeter Lighting Products

2 Outlet Rain Tight Timer With Dusk To Dawn Sensor- Black - 120 Volt


Save time, energy, and unnecessary wear and tear on your lights by using an inside/outside light timer. Choose from 4 timed settings or use the dusk to dawn option to automatically turn your lights on in the morning and off at night. Raintight outdoor...

No Label

Rechargeable 12V/5V DC Dual Output Lithium Ion Battery Pack


This rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack is designed specifically to integrate with our 12V LED strip lights and other 12V DC lighting. The battery pack’s sleek and slim design makes it an essential accessory for anyone who doesn't want to be tied down...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

12 Volt LED Strip Light Mounting Clips (10-Pack)


Mounting clips can be used to secure SMD LED Strip Lights under cabinets, on to siding, or anywhere you any other surface you can screw in to. Using mounting clips gives your lighting project more durability compared to using the self adhesive backing...

No Label

12 Volt LED Strip Light Hippo Power Connector (SMD-3528)

$4.99 $1.99

Quickly and easily attach almost any length of 2-wire or 4-wire to your strip lights – perfect for making custom length power connectors to reach distant power supplies and controllers. Or connect a second connector to your wire to make custom length...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

12 Volt Mini Inline Dimmer with RF Remote


This radio frequency remote control dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness of your 12 or 24 volt LED strip lights or other low voltage lighting. It also has adjustable speed, pre-programmed effects that will allow your strip lights to fade or flash.

Brilliant Brand Lighting

12 Volt Inline On/Off Switch

$15.99 $6.99

Our 12 Volt Inline switch can control your lights without having to plug in and unplug your lights. The Inline Switch can be used for all 12 Volt products including 12 Volt Rope Lights and 12 Volt Strip Lights. Just connect to the barrel plugs of your...

Magnitude Lighting

12 Volt Dimmable LED Drivers


12v LED strip light dimmable driver - compatible with LED wall switch dimmers. Available in 4 different sizes: 20W, 40W, 60W, and 100W. Click here for a list of compatible wall switch dimmers.

Brilliant Brand Lighting

12 Volt LED Strip Light Splitter


Use this 12 Volt Standard Light Splitter to connect up multiple runs of our 12 volt strip lights into a single power source. Choose from 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way model LED splitters depending on your needs.

Find the right LED strip light accessories for your 12 volt lighting. All of our 12v strip lights require a power source in order to use. No need to worry as we have many different power sources for you to choose from. We also offer a full complement of other LED lighting accessories to help make your installation a breeze. Choose from multi-function strip light controllers, mounting accessories, extra cords and connectors, and everything in between.