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120 Volt LED RGB Neon Rope Light Accessories

Brilliant Brand Lighting

LED Neon 4-Wire 120-Volt RGB Rope Light Female to Female Extension


For small gaps where no light is needed the LED Neon 4-Wire 120-Volt RGB Rope Light Extension can do just that. Simply connect to the end or your length and then start with a new one. Includes power connectors and heat shrink. The heat shrink and...

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Premium Silicone Sealant


Required for use with LED or Incandescent lighting accessory connections when used outdoors or where moisture may be present. Recommended combined use with our weatherproofing kits for 12 Volt Strip Light, 120 Volt Rope Light/Strip Light/Neon Strip...

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LED Neon 4-Wire 120-Volt RGB Rope Light Power Connectors (5-pack)


Get the power you need to your neon rope lights with the best RGB LED wire connectors. These small accessories are essential for linking rope lights to power cords, controllers and timers. Use them to string multiple strands of lights together too. This...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

RGB LED Neon Rope Light Y Connector


If you need to split your run of neon rope lights into 2 directions, then purchase our RGB LED Neon Rope Light Y Connector. The Y extension includes plug ends that will give you the flexibility to split lights for whatever your lighting project calls for...

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Rope and Strip Light Cutter


Make Perfect Cuts Every Time! - Our aluminium anvil rope light cutter features: aluminum handles and coated blade resist rust, extending the life of this tool. This rope light cutter has a single straight cutting blade to close down on the flat edge or...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

LED Neon 4-Wire 120-Volt RGB Rope Light Splice Connector


The LED Neon 4-Wire 120-Volt RGB Rope Light Splice Connector is used to connect to runs end to end. Also includes power connectors and heat shrink. silicone sealant and the heat shrink is recommended for outdoor projects.

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Lighting Storage Spools

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Rope and strip light spools are the perfect storage solution for all your non-permanent rope, strip, or holiday lighting projects. Use these spools to safely store custom cut rope and strip light lengths or use as an easy and convenient way to store your...

Perimeter Lighting Products

2 Outlet Rain Tight Timer With Dusk To Dawn Sensor- Black - 120 Volt


Save time, energy, and unnecessary wear and tear on your lights by using an inside/outside light timer. Choose from 4 timed settings or use the dusk to dawn option to automatically turn your lights on in the morning and off at night. Raintight outdoor...


Cable Zip Ties (100 pack)


These Self-Locking Cable zip ties can be used for a wide range of applications including rope lighting. Available in both 4 inch and 8 inch lengths and six dofferent colors. 4 inch available colors: Clear, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow 8 inch available...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

LED Neon 4-Wire 120-Volt RGB Rope Light Mini Controller


Simple and convenient control at an affordable price, the LED Neon Rope RGB Mini Controller controller will run up to 148 feet of 120V RGB LED neon strip lights. The controller features an IR (infrared) remote controller for cycling through the pre-set...