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C9 LED Bulbs

Up North Lighting

LED C9 Chili Pepper Bulbs (3 Pack)


You’ll always be ready to party when you have these C9 chili pepper lights with LEDs. This 3-pack of chili pepper accent bulbs is made of high-impact plastic with a corrosion-resistant E17 nickel-plated base. Three LEDs per bulb add brightness in a red...

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C9 LED Light Bulbs

C9 LED Light Bulbs

Having the best holiday lighting on the block doesn’t mean having to spend your entire budget on utility bills. C9 LED bulbs are an energy-efficient way to step up your lighting game. The design of these lights dates back to the 1920s. While the intermediate E17 base and cone-like shape have stood the test of time, the hardware beneath has been updated to the latest lighting technology. It’s the perfect combination of traditional and modern for your Christmas lighting project. Get your C9 holiday lights from Birddog Lighting and you’ll have enough left in your bank account to make the entire season bright.

Money-Saving Holiday Lights

LED bulbs are up to 90% more efficient than older incandescent light bulbs. These C9 lights use less energy and last as long as 50,000 hours. They also produce less heat and don’t contain any harmful mercury. You’ll have the best-looking, least-expensive and safest decorative lighting around. C9 bulbs are commonly used for Christmas displays, but with the right colors, you can use them for Halloween, Independence Day, Easter and other special occasions. They are compatible with C9 LED socket and wire sets to create custom indoor and outdoor string lights. Add the right accessories and you’ll be ready to light up the night.

Colorful Light Display Additions

Birddog Lighting has many C9 LED bulbs for everyone who wants an impressive holiday display. There’s nothing ordinary about our regular C9 bulbs — they’re available in eight different colors with a smooth frost or faceted finish. Color-changing LED light bulbs will add even more pizzazz. Hook them to an RGB controller for all sorts of cool effects. We also carry novelty C9 bulbs such as chili pepper lights for Cinco de Mayo and summer projects. Visit the Birddog Lighting blog or YouTube channel for ideas on how good lights can make your holiday a real hit. You’ll always get the lowest price guaranteed when you shop with us!

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