C9 Incandescent Bulbs

C9 Incandescent Light Bulbs

C9 Incandescent Light Bulbs

Line your home or business landscape with a classic of the holiday season! C9 light bulbs have long been a fixture of December around North America. These intermediate base bulbs are about a half-inch larger than C7 bulbs and also draw about two more watts, adding a more intense glow. This makes C9 Christmas bulbs ideals for large-scale strings around light poles, trees, gardens, sleighs or the home’s general perimeter. We carry C9 incandescent bulbs from Up North Lighting that have been reliable and easy to work with for generations. Add them to your existing light string or create a new one for your custom project.

Make the Holidays Even Brighter

Birddog Lighting has several C9 party lighting options for holidays, birthdays, music shows and graduations. We offer C9 light bulbs in either a transparent or ceramic style. Transparent bulbs show the filaments for a traditional look straight from your parent’s lighting display. Ceramic lighting evenly distributes the light to produce a solid, more modern glow. There are nearly a dozen C9 bulb colors to choose from, including amber, blue, orange and white. Multi-color bulb packs are also available. Christmas C9 twinkle bulbs randomly shut on and off to produce a twinkling effect like stars on new-fallen snow that befits the holidays.

Reliable Performance for the Season

Prepare yourself for this Christmas or Halloween — and many more to come — with C9 bulbs from Birddog Lighting. By using 130V bulbs instead of the regular 120V output, these bulbs using less energy and last longer. They’re rated for 3,000 hours of performance even in harsh winter conditions. We sell them in packs of 25 for use with our C9 socket and wire sets. You also can buy them to fix up an old string with several burned-out bulbs. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed with no sales tax — and Birddog Lighting will even pick up the tab on shipping for returns within 30 days if you’re not satisfied!

Halloween C9 Lights