The Best Wedding Lights For a Magical Celebration

Posted by Birddog Lighting on May 2nd 2023

The Best Wedding Lights For a Magical Celebration

Few things are as common as weddings and getting married. Roughly 2.4 million people were married in 2022. However, there's nothing stopping you from making your wedding celebration a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As you start your wedding planning process, keep in mind that it's all about the details. This means looking into some quality lighting ideas that will help you make your ceremony or reception an amazing experience. By taking the time to find the right wedding lights, you'll create some memories that will last a lifetime.

14 Wedding Lights to Light Up Your Special Day

Here are some of the best options you can explore when you're looking for wedding lights that will illuminate your special day.

Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Lights

1. Fairy Firework Lights

These lights allow you to ring in your marital bliss with a bang. Fairy firework lights look similar to an explosion of fireworks, especially if you choose a set that comes with a variety of different colors. You will like how flexible these lights are and that you can bend them to your liking.

When you buy fairy lights wedding planners can bend and arrange them however you need. They are just as suitable indoors as outdoors, and can even be programmed when you go with certain LED lights. The sky is the limit with the shapes that you create, and many of these models come with preset functions that you can use. Examples of these functions include twinkling, flashing, steadily remaining lit, slow glow, and others.

Your wedding planner can modify these lights throughout the course of the wedding and can change the presets depending on what part of the event is happening.

2. Rope Lighting

If you're interested in outdoor lighting for your wedding ceremony or reception, it doesn't get better than rope lighting. They are the epitome of customizable, and they are useful no matter the weather or level of visibility. However, you can also use them indoors by adding them on your stairs, in display cases, and even hanging them on your walls to project an artistic display.

These lights are a decorator's dream because they can arrange them in any angle and can fit any setting. Rope lights come in various colors with lengths up to 148 feet or greater. By using them outdoors, you help create an amazingly warm glow in the spring when the day starts to turn to night.

3. String Lights

For something that truly ignites a sparkle in your reception, try string lights. The best thing about them is that you can customize and set them wherever you want. Plus, they’re great for decorating your wedding with LED lights. You can cast them overheard to project a romantic setting or hang them vertically behind the altar.

Indoor Wedding Lights

4. Chandeliers

Chandeliers add a fancy and stylish vibe to any wedding. Plus, a single chandelier can light up your entire reception. There are several types. You can select crystal chandeliers, which are made of glass and display a prismatic look. If you want something simple and understated, go with modern chandeliers.

5. Uplighting

Want to transform an entire ballroom into a party-style atmosphere? If so, go with uplighting. You can use them to display various points around the room. For example, you can focus on a speaker or a dancer. The key is to alter the uplighting to fit your desired atmosphere.

Some options include colored gels, which consist of hot bulbs in a metal can. You can also opt for either wired or wireless LED uplighting.

6. Spotlights

With spotlights, you can beam light onto a small area or object. If you’re looking for a light source that illuminates the newlyweds as they share their first dance, then spotlights are the way to go. Ceiling-mounted spotlights serve as a convenient unobstructed light source.

You can also attach wall-mounted spotlights to your wall with a mounting plate.

Outdoor Wedding Lights

7. Twig Lighting

Twig lighting is party lighting at the end of the day. These are lights that strongly resemble tree twigs or Christmas lights, hence the name. Twig lights are clustered and the perfect accompaniment to any tree. They look great when they freely dangle, and create a beautiful and majestic appearance.

Companies sell twig light clusters with as many as 750 LED lights. You'll be able to get these lights in various selections, such as warm white and multicolored. This is a quality choice for a variety of people regardless of what kind of wedding theme you're planning out.

8. Net Lighting

With this lighting option, you can cast a wide net with the way that you set it up. It's a common form of lighting that you can use when you're trying to overlap the lights. This is an incredible way to handle your wedding planning because you will give them the chance to flex their artistic flair.

Net lighting that wraps around tree trunks can create an amazing presentation. These are typically clear lights attached to a green wire. Examples of these lights include those that are end-to-end, and that allow you to connect multiple nets at a time. These nets are separated into various squares or diamonds and typically feature white LED lights that go with any occasion.

You will appreciate how versatile these net lights are because you can stretch them however you need to and will be able to arrange them at different heights and settings.

9. Bistro Lighting

If you're spending any part of your wedding or wedding reception outdoors, you can't go wrong with bistro lighting. Bistro lighting is attached by rope or threaded options to hang overhead and illuminate your night.

This creates an amazing experience for your outdoor eating areas. Think of cafes, coffee shops, or wine bars in warm-weather cities during the summertime.

When you create bistro LED lighting, you're matching energy efficiency with elegance. These lights will set the mood whether your setup is an indoor ballroom with an outdoor patio, getting married on a cruise ship, a destination wedding on a beach, or any other outdoor environment.

Make sure that they are installed prominently and in a way that that light casts shadows. You'll appreciate how well these lights fit your patio, and you'll have plenty of freedom in how you arrange it. You can look for bistro lighting that mounts and hangs as high as 50 feet or more.

10. Lanterns

Lanterns are fixed, decorative devices that hold a candle inside. Also known as sky candles, lanterns symbolize a new chapter in the life of newlyweds. They also represent hope for a prosperous future. Cast some aspiration and symbolism with fresnel-type lanterns.

Do you need lanterns for an outdoor reception? If so, go with gas lanterns, which give off an authentic vibe. Plus, you won’t need to rely on several burners.

11. Fairy Lights

Do you want a fairly light wedding? If so, choose fairy lights. These are decorative lights that you can install as special lighting fixtures. Fairy lights are battery-operated and consist of small bulbs on a metal wire.

You can select from several options, including single-color and multi-color types. Keep in mind, if you use solar-powered fairy lights, you’ll need direct sunlight to keep them charged.

DIY Wedding Lights

12. Mason Jar Lights

Mason jar lights are great for emitting a soft glow while adding rustic or bohemian charm to your wedding. You can use sparkly fairy lights inside mason jars to brighten a nighttime ceremony. Jar lights are more commonly placed on ceiling-mounted lights. You can select either mason jar pendants or mason jar chandeliers.

13. Candles

Nothing symbolizes love and romance better than scented candles. They’re easy to set up and you can place them almost anywhere you’d like. If you’re using open-flame candles, keep them away from children and ensure marked exits are nearby. Also, never leave open-flame candles unattended. Blow them out if no one is present.

14. Paper Lanterns

Used for several centuries, paper lanterns are a popular selection for festive occasions, including weddings. Not only do they add creativity to your venue, but you can also release them into the sky as a fun wedding reception activity or give them to family members as a gesture of thanks.

Wedding Lights for Different Themes

Every wedding has a specific theme. Your wedding lights should reflect that theme so your guests know what to expect and you can set the tone for the experience. So whether you’re having a Hawaian-style wedding or holiday-theme ceremony, the lights you choose will elevate your special day and keep it unique to fit your desires.

Beach Weddings

There’s nothing more romantic than a gathering in the sunset with ocean waves in the background. For a beach wedding, opt for candles and string lights to elevate your special gathering and turn your wedding into an unforgettable gathering. Candles are another ideal selection for beach weddings.

You can hang them from trees or place them on your reception table as you take in your natural surroundings.

Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings are old-fashioned, outdoor ceremonies that take place in rural areas, such as barns or countryside venues. For this theme-style wedding, go with bistro lights. You can set them up in almost any venue. Not to mention they add an unmatchable incandescent glow to your wedding

Since you hang them overheard, they won’t interfere or disturb your guests. Alternatively, you can opt for chandeliers since you can hang them from several areas, including tents and arches.

Winter Weddings

A winter wedding is a magical experience that can elevate your gathering, even if the weather outside is frightful. To add some elegance to your winter-style wedding, consider using votive candles. You can place them inside a jar and hang them from trees outside your wedding venue. String lights are another viable option.

Not only are these inexpensive, but you can display them in several ways, which means your creativity is not limited to one option.

Bohemian Weddings

Bohemian weddings are not bound by rules or customs, which means they’re perfect for free-spirited couples who enjoy the freedom to personalize their wedding as they see fit. As far as lighting recommendations, you are free to select the best option that soothes your creative taste and unique style.

The key is to select a light source that blends seamlessly with the rest of your wedding decor and leaves your guests amazed.

Tips for Using Wedding Lights

When selecting lights, consider these questions: Are you hosting an indoor or outdoor wedding? Also, think deeply about the mood you want to establish, as different colors will evoke certain emotions.

Here are five tips to consider when using wedding lights:

  1. Consider using paper lanterns to establish a romantic ambiance. Just make sure you have a system for keeping them afloat.
  2. If you’re hosting an indoor ceremony, go with uplighting since you can use them to establish a proper focus on something or someone.
  3. Hang string lights over tables in the reception area for proper illumination. Your guests will surely appreciate it!
  4. If you’re hosting an outdoor venue and want to add some extra glow, hang the lights in a canopy style. At night, they’ll add a twinkling look.
  5. If you want to light up your wedding with LED lights, go with LED candles. These battery-operated sources provide a realistic glow without using real flames.

Shop for Wedding Lights

The tips in this article will help you when you're shopping for wedding lights that can help bring your event to life. When love is in full bloom, you need to make sure that you're going all out with your planning. By installing some lights at your wedding venue, you'll be able to illuminate the day or night in style.

Choose some lighting options that are excellent for your wedding ceremony or receptionn, whether it's indoors or outdoors. When you're ready to shop around, we're the company that you need to do business with.

Birddog Lighting can help you when you're looking to light up your wedding as you push usher in an era of marital bliss. If you're ready to contact us, use our contact form or call us at (406)586-5970 for more information.

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