Only Need One Color? Here’s Why You Should Go With 3528 LED Light Strips

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 4th 2019

Only Need One Color? Here’s Why You Should Go With 3528 LED Light Strips

LED lighting technology was first investigated and discussed in scientific papers in 1927. But it wasn’t until 1961 when Texas Instruments patented LED technology here in the US that these powerful little lights started to gain traction. 

These first LEDs were quite expensive at $200 a light. This meant that they were only good for high tech scientific equipment and machinery. 

As with all technology though, advancements were made and the price came down. As the price dropped, new applications began to present themselves. 

Today, LEDs are now a staple in home lighting. Are you looking to add lighting to your cabinets or maybe somewhere else in your home? Then 3528 LED bulbs might be perfect for your project. Keep reading to find out. 

What Do the Numbers Mean?

Everyone talks about how great LED lights are, but no one talks about the different types of LEDs that are available. The one you buy will depend on the project you are working on. 

LED technology has advanced so far that we now have a first and second generation of LED lights. The first generation has two popular light options, 3528 and 5050. 

3528 LEDs

These chips are 3.5 mm and 2.8mm long. If you only need your lights to emit one color, then these lights are perfect for your needs. 

The light they emit is not as bright as other LEDs. But that makes them ideal for accent lighting where you want a soft glow. 

Each chip on the strip contains one diode. While each strip only emits one color, you do have a choice of what color you want. The most commonly used colors for accent lighting in homes are cool white and warm white. 

5050 LEDs

If you want the ability to change the color emitted by your LED strip then you need 5050 RGB LEDs. Each chip on the strip has three diodes.

Because they contain three diodes, the chips are slightly bigger at 5mm by 5mm. They are also noticeably brighter than the 3528 lights. 

This lighting is commonly used in places where people perform tasks. That way the workspace is well lit. 

Advantages of 3528 LED Bulbs

There are a few advantages to deciding to use LED bulbs. If you are looking for something that is durable and cost-efficient than 3528 LED bulbs are perfect for your project. 

Energy Efficient 

The 3528 LEDs are going to use less energy and therefore are more efficient and cost less to run. If you are only going to use one color, why pay for the lights that have more?

This efficiency makes them environmentally friendly to run. They are also friendly in the sense that they don’t contain mercury or any other hazardous substances. 

Long Lasting

A huge advantage to these lights is how long they last. You can expect to get about 10,000 to 50,000 hours when you install them correctly. 

That is anywhere from two to six years of use out of your lights. That means that you won’t have to worry about replacing the lights for a long time to comes. 


Because LEDs are solid state, it makes them very durable. There is no delicate tube or filament that can get damaged. 

They are also not affected by temperature the way other bulbs are. Have you ever flipped on the lights only to have them delay or flicker as they come on? 

This does not happen with LED bulbs. There is no warm-up period, and in fact, LEDs like colder temperatures. 


Need the light to point in a certain direction? No problem, you can have your LED lights direct the light to go in a certain direction. 

Or if you want a soft general glow you can achieve that too. Both of these options are available with the 3528 LEDs.

You could also use a combination of lights so that you have both a soft glow and bright directional lighting. Then you have the accenting effect and additional lighting for workspaces. 

Enhance Your Display 

When you use fluorescent lighting it can wash out the colors of whatever they are illuminating. This does not happen with LED lights. 

The best part is you have options with 3528 LED strips. You can choose a cool white color that has more blue undertones. Or you could go with a warm white that has more yellow undertones. 

The color white you choose will depend on what your project is and how you intend to use the light. If you want to create a warm and welcoming environment then choose the warm white. 


When you install your lights, think about how bright you want them to be. Do you want the ability to adjust the brightness later on? 

With 3528 LEDs you can hook them up to a dimmer style switch. This lets you control the brightness up or down by adjusting the switch. 

You can also custom adjust your LEDs to be the exact length you need. So there is no struggle to find the right lighting that fits into a particular space in your kitchen. 

Use 3528 LED Light Strips 

Now that you know the differences between the different types of LED lighting, you are prepared to shop for your next project. If you only intend to use one color, then why buy the 5050 LEDs that have multiple colors. 

It isn’t all about the colors though, 3528 LED strips emit the right amount of light to create a nice accent glow. These lights adjustable, environmentally friendly, durable, and have a long useful life. 

Starting browsing our wide selection of LED light stripping for your next project. 

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