LED Rope Light Instructions: How to Hang Them and Where

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Aug 17th 2020

LED Rope Light Instructions: How to Hang Them and Where

Are you looking for a way to add ambiance to your home, yard, or outside living area? With the warm summer evenings upon us, you don’t want to stop the fun when it gets dark outside. Instead light up your deck, dock, or campsite with festive outdoor lighting.

If you’re looking for a way to light up your yard, boat, or RV while also adding a cheery glow, then you should check out the LED rope light ideas listed below. Keep reading for ideas as well as step by step instructions on how to hang your LED rope lights around your property.

Don’t sit in the dark this summer, keep the party going well into the night with the cozy atmosphere of LED rope lights.

LED Lighting Decoration Ideas

LED rope lights give you more benefits of being longer-lasting and using less energy than traditional rope lights. You are sure to enjoy their lighting for many summers to come. You can use LED rope lights to illuminate your yard, around your boat, or at your campsite this summer.

LED rope lights are sure to brighten your evening this summer and allow you to truly enjoy the outdoors well into the evening.

These rope light ideas don’t end outside, however. You can use them to light up your kitchen cupboards or your in-home theater or man-cave. Now, you don’t have to choose between either sitting in the pure dark or having bright overhead lights on inside. You can benefit from LED rope lights to give you a warm atmosphere while also lighting up the room just enough. 

You can also merge the outside with the in and hang rope lights around your windows. Imagine the welcoming sight of coming home in the evening to see your windows illuminated with beautiful LED rope lights.

Where to Hang Your LED Rope Light

Before you run out and buy your LED rope lights, take some time to decide where you will be installing them. Will you be lining your kitchen cupboards so you can see when you’re grabbing your coffee cup first thing in the morning?

Will you be outlining the family den so you can have decorative lining while you watch your next Saturday family movie night? Or will you be lining the awning of your RV so you can enjoy the campfire long after it’s gotten dark outside? 

For your trailer or RV awning, you can also get an LED rope light track to easily add some ambiance to your campsite this summer. Be sure to check which size rope light you have before you buy the light track, they can come in various sizes.

Exterior rope lights allow you to add ambiance to your deck or patio, garden walkways, or even your driveway to welcome you home at night. So, whether you're hanging your rope lighting indoors or out, it's important to know where you want to hang your lights before you purchase them. 

How to Hang Rope Lights

Once you know where you’ll be hanging your lights, it’s important to measure so you know what to buy. With LED rope lights it’s easier to buy a long rope that you cut and add end caps than to splice together many lights. Although splicing is definitely a possibility if you need to.

Steps to hang rope lights

  1. Measure the area you want to illuminate
  2. Choose your rope light according to your measurement
  3. Cut your rope to fit your measurement, or connect multiple ropes if you need to
  4. Mount your rope light clips with a screw to the surface you want to connect to
  5. Clip the rope light into the hook on each light mount

From mounting clips to mounting tracks there are several accessories available to help you hang your LED rope lights around your home. Outside, you can also use simple garden staples to secure your rope lights to the ground.

If you have multiple rope lights connected outside, you’ll want a waterproof amplifier to carry the signal through multiple runs with a single controller. LED lighting can be a simple do-it-yourself job and it can also multiply into a larger-scale installation. As you map out the area you want to light up, it might be a good idea to talk with an electrician to help with the process. 

Hang Your Rope Lights With Ease

There are plenty of decorative ideas to light up your home this summer with LED rope lights. Your summer is sure to light up with the additional of ambiance lighting around your home, boat, or RV campsite. 

With these simple steps, you can enjoy the cheerful glow from LED rope light fixtures indoors and out. Don’t let the party stop when the sun goes down. Extend those long summer evenings even later with the beauty of LED lighting.

If you’re looking for quality products with exceptional value, then we’re here to help you light up your home with Birddog Lighting. Located in Montana, our goal is to provide you with prompt, efficient, and friendly customer service. Check out our website today for all your lighting needs. 

And if you have further questions about how to install LED lights around your home, reach out to us today. We are happy to answer your questions and ensure you get the best products for your next project. 

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