Summer Lighting 101: How-To Create a Charming Backyard With LED Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 15th 2020

Summer Lighting 101: How-To Create a Charming Backyard With LED Lights

Summer is on its way. A time to have the most pleasant of backyard events. Coffee with friends on the back patio. Happy afternoons in your garden. Neighborhood barbecues throughout the weekend. 

The weather is coming, but your backyard still has to catch up. In order to do so, LED summer lighting will help you spruce up your entire backyard living space. 

In this article, we will cover some of the best backyard summer lighting ideas that you can think of. From how to install lighting for your fire pit to accentuate the serenity of flame to how to use a potted plant base for lively nature.

Keep reading to find the best idea for summer lighting in your backyard. Set it up and start to invite your friends and family to celebrate the beauty of life in the homely outdoors.

Bring Life To Your Dining Area

The dining area is a focal point of any backyard. This is where you will the most people during a dinner party, so it is important to match their presence with LED lights. 

Spread out some LED lanterns around the table, scatter some strange of LED strip lights around the encasement. These two things will help you achieve a subtle LED candlelight glow. 

Make Use Of Potted Plants

Potted plants are a great addition to your backyard, but throughout the night you can't even see them. This is a simple fix. 

Hide the wooden support that holds your plant in place by using some LED string lights. Weave through some of the leaves and/or wrap around the pot. 

The weight of the pot will help everything remain stable, and allow you to bring life to your potted plants at night.

Liven Up Your Living Quarters

Your backyard is home to some greatly comfortable furniture. Use some outdoor LED string lights to wrap around the edges of your furniture, and hang some from above. 

Make it look like a magical forest with glowing strands of LED lighting.

In case you are interested in bringing life inside your home with LED lighting, check out this comprehensive article.

Tent-Like Garden Party

Planning to hose a garden party? Create a tent-like environment out of LED string lights, spreading out from the upper ceiling to the corners of your encasement. 

A small pyramid over your dining table setup can do wonders. 

Fire Pit Light

Nothing better than some summertime spend around the fire pit. Accentuate your backyard fire pit with some LED string lights. Make a circle around the chair area or the base of the fire pit. 

Lighten up the area and add some extra flame to the party.

Trees As A Light Source

You don't need much lighting to create ambiance and life in your backyard. Try hanging some LED string lights from your tree, in order to create some beautiful scenery as you sit on the porch.

Learn how to properly wrap your trees in LED lighting here.

Privacy In Style

Use the privacy of your fence to create some life in your backyard. Set up some LED string lights in a pattern on the pallets of your fence. Get some sofa pillows and some potted plants, arrange a little area and enjoy.

Now you have a comfortable backdrop to spend some time around.

Patio Glow

Having trouble seeing stars at night? Use some LED string lights on the back of your patio, make it a Christmas eve full of nights, every night of summer. 

A pleasant place to spend every day of the week and wind down.

Corner Lighting

The easiest way to create ambiance in your patio is to set up LED strip lights in each corner of the roof. Have them go around or hang down - make it uniform, and enjoy the pleasantries of patio glow.

A Background Full of Life

String lights don't have to be the only thing that you use. Get some LED strip lights, drape them on the walls and across some plants. Have the background create a subtle sense of livelihood. 

Use a see-through bucket to create a lantern. Use a metal bucket to create an accent light to bring out something on a wall. 

Garden Glow

Whatever plants you have in your garden, use some incandescent LED strip lights to add some garden glow. Put them in between rows, string them around the wooden bases, pull them through some branches. 

Make it look like a city from above.

Romantic Trees

Twist some LED strip lights around a cluster of trees. Make it an enchanting place to spend some time with your partner, and have a beautiful backdrop to look at as you sit inside your home.

Create A Chandelier

Get some twine, some grapevine balls, some LED strip lights and a branch to hang it all off of. Arrange the items and create a rustic chandelier to hang in your patio or porch.

Here are 34 DIY chandelier ideas to give you some inspiration.

Backyard Soft Geometry

Use some LED strip lights to accentuate any curves and edges on the floor of your backyard.

Light up any paths and corners. Create a strip of land that looks like an airstrip where planes fly up from.

Outdoor Summer Lighting And LED Strip Lights 

Now that you understand the power of summer lighting, using LED strip lights. You are well on your way to create your own enchanted forest of magic and glowing nurture within your own backyard. 

Whatever you choose to do, will be the right thing to do. Experiment, play around and see what works best. 

If you are looking to buy some high-quality LED strip lights, check out what we have to offer at Birddog Lighting.

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