LED Light Controllers: The Ultimate Guide

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 2nd 2021

LED Light Controllers: The Ultimate Guide

LED lighting is a wonderful way to light up your space while saving energy. If you've bought LED lights, you've shown a commitment to creating a bold and unique ambiance. But you might have noticed something... 

There are a lot of options. 

LED strip lights, LED rope lights, individual LED's, the various ways you can arrange them — it all seems quite complicated if you're just starting. Thankfully, there's a solution.

LED light controllers are a great way to ensure that your lighting meets your specifications. This article will walk you through all you need to know. 


Before we even talk about controllers, we need to talk about ambiance. In the coming spring and summer months, creating ambiance is especially pertinent (speaking of which, check out our article on spring lighting). Coordinating your LED lights will grant you maximum control over your environment. 

Taking Stock

The first thing you're going to want to do is to take stock of the LEDs you're working with. Do you mainly have LED strips? Or has your set-up so far been focused on rope lighting? 

Taking stock of your current options will prepare you for when you need to start putting it all together. 

Setting Goals

The great thing about lighting is that it strikes a balance between homebuilding and creative expression. Just look at all the work that goes into lighting design for theatre. Ask yourself a question: what sort of effect am I trying to create with my lightning? 

A controller will give you a range of options not available to most people; you'll be able to control color changes and color temperature. It's helpful to look at yourself as a bit of a lighting designer. 

Location Scouting 

You can devise yourself an LED set up in all sorts of places, from outdoors, to basements. The specifics of the room, how much light it gets, how much time you spend in there, and what you use the room for, should all be taken into consideration. 

Your location will influence the way you set your lights up, and the aesthetic effect your lights will have, so make sure you pay attention.   

Now that you've done the work on your aesthetic, it's time to look at your options for putting it together.

Putting it Together 

Once you've scouted your location and determined your aesthetic, you can start getting creative. There are many directions you can go.

One option that's popular these days is to install an LED strip light — like our Pink LED Strip Lights — in the corners of your room to create a futuristic effect. You can easily pair this with a rope light wrapped around your computer, or a lamp lit by an LED light bulb. 

Another option people go with these days is putting the LED under their beds or couches, giving them a futuristic glow. This can achieve a dynamic effect when paired with other LED products. 

You're going to want to combine multiple LED products to create the most unique effect possible. 

LED Light Controllers 

Now that you've set your space up with combinations of light effects, it's time to bring a light controller into the mix. A light controller will enhance your creative potential and turn your lights into spectacles. 

Different LED light controllers provide you with different options, but there are some key features to look out for. 

Brightness Level 

One of the most important things a controller can do is adjust the brightness level. With a good LED controller, you won't only be lighting up your house, you'll be able to control the intensity of your experience as easy as you adjust the volume on a speaker. 

Color Changes

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your lights as easily as you flip them on and off? An LED controller gives you that option. 

A good LED controller — like this one — comes with pre-set options for color changes, so you can make sure you get your mood right. In addition to that, it lets you store your own custom colors, to finely tune your lighting experience. 

But that's not all.

LED light controllers give you options for how you transition between colors. You'll be able to set your lights to rotate through their colors like songs on a playlist and even be able to control the speed at which they rotate. Now that's customization.  


One of the biggest advantages of a controller is the ability to control your lights at a distance. Lightswitches will become a thing of the past, as some controllers give you the ability to adjust the lights from up to seventy feet away. 

Overall, an LED light controller gives you options. By investing in a controller, you upgrading your LED system from lights to a whole ambient experience

Replacement Options 

If you happen to lose your controller, don't fret. Our website offers a replacement remote for less than ten dollars. This replacement has all the features of a standard remote. 

But you needn't buy this remote just as a replacement. You can have it around a secondary remote, or a remote for another system — kind of like the way people keep many remote controllers for their televisions. 

Investing in controllers helps you create in your house an LED-friendly environment. Having several remotes and replacement remotes means committing to lightning design just as you would any other part of your living situation.

Get Customizing

As the 21st century moves on, LED lights are only becoming more and more popular. Decking your house out in LED's is a way of embracing the future, and ensuring your design will not be outdated in your lifetime. 

By taking stock, setting goals, scouting your location, putting it all together, buying your LED light controllers, and thinking about replacement options, you'll be customizing your light settings in no time. 

Now that you have all the information you need, nothing is stopping you! Let your inner light designer out and create a beautiful ambiance for yourself. 

If you're a big light fan looking for more, check out our section on LED neon! 

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