Time for Spring! Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 15th 2021

Time for Spring! Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Spring is approaching and you know what that means. It's time to start working on making your outdoor space beautiful and ready for outdoor gatherings or relaxing days in the sun. 

While there are plenty of cool ways that you can decorate your space, we're here to talk about the best spring lighting options for your yard so you can sit out in the warm spring air without staying in the dark. 

Not sure what kind of lighting is right for your yard? We're here to give you some inspiration. Keep reading for our favorite outdoor lighting ideas that will make your outdoor space glow. 

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are otherwise known as string lights. These lights are the small-bulbed lights that are popular around Christmas time, but why limit yourself to the holidays? 

These affordable and simple lights are growing in popularity for year-round use. They cast a warm glow and they're easy to set up. They're also always outdoor-friendly. After all, we hang them from our rooftops for Christmas!

There are several ways that you can use these outdoor LED string lights. We love letting them hang off of the roof in loose curves, but you can also wind them around your fence posts, banister railings, or any free structures (like columns)  on your home.

There are small sets of battery-powered lights that are easy to use around the yard. You don't have to string them around, so they may work better for crafts. They look great on table decorations. 

You can also string them through wine bottles or mason jars to give the appearance of fireflies in a jar. These lights are great for people who are new to decorating the outside of their home or are limited for space. Small lights like these are perfect for apartment balconies and small patios. 

Modern Bistro Lights

If you're into the string light look but you want something a bit more refined, bistro lights are the answer. 

There are several different kinds of bistro lights, but the ones that are most popular for a warm and inviting backyard are string lights with large and clear bulbs. For those with more spacious outdoor spaces, these give a cool and modern look and cast a soft glow on any outdoor party. 

While you can hang these however you like, we love the look of these string lights when they're draped over the tops of fence posts. They also look great when you hook them to the roof and string them over your patio, connecting them to another high point to make a kind of light "roof."

Safe "Fire" Lights

Do you love the look of torches, but not the lack of safety? Fire hazards are a big deal, and all it takes is one curious child, one clumsy party-goer, or one playing pet to send the torch crashing down, potentially causing a larger fire and ruining your evening. 

There's another option that can give you the warm, flickering glow of flames without the need for fire. 

Flameless LED torch lights are perfect. You can place them in wall sconces and give your front yard a rustic look, or place them in hanging lanterns to add some flair to your backyard. You can even put them in standard lanterns (modified with space for lightbulbs, of course) to make sweet centerpieces.

You get all of the fire vibes without the heat or risk of real flames. 

LED Strip Lights

Do you like the look of a glowy backyard but you can't think of anywhere to hang string lights or lanterns? LED strip lights might be the right answer for you.

These lights are flatter and more subtle. This doesn't make them less decorative. 

They're good for placing on the underside edge of a porch to give it a "lit from within" glow. They come in multiple colors, so while white is standard, you can use purple, blue, or even red. It all depends on your ideal outside aesthetic. 

We love blue lights as an alternative to red, especially if you have a pool in the yard. It keeps everything looking cool even on hot days. 

Mesh Curtain Lights

Curtain lights are a great alternative to standard string lights if you don't think that you have space to hang them or string them along. When you're without a fence with good spacing between posts or good places to put lights high up, you're not out of options.

These lights drape over structures to give them a glow without the hassle of stringing them around. They look great draped over dense fences, trees, and bushes, or hanging down your outdoor walls. 

They also make great backdrops to photo sessions. 

Cool Summer Designs

Are you looking for something a little more whimsical? While spring is arriving soon, it's never too early to put out some summer designs to welcome the warm weather.

You can light up your next luau or pool party with cool palm tree lights. For a more southwestern look, why not get some cactus designs? You get the aesthetic of cacti without the hard work that it takes to grow the real deal. 

These fun designs look great hung up against a blank wall or dense fence. They're a great and fun look for any gathering!

Which of These Spring Lighting Ideas Is Your Favorite? 

These spring lighting ideas are sure to impress your friends and neighbors. If you want to spend time outdoors this spring, you need a well-lit space. Get one that's aesthetically pleasing by using these outdoor lighting ideas.

Are you in need of some cool LED outdoor lighting options? We've got you covered. Check out our shop for some of the best rope lights and more. 

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