How To Properly Store LED Rope Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jul 19th 2021

How To Properly Store LED Rope Lights

Spring is winding down and summer is gearing up. That means you may be switching out your winter lighting for summer lights. That may include LED rope lights.

Proper storage of your LED strip lights, rope lights, and other lighting options ensures that they work when you get them back out. Putting away rope lights requires a bit of care and we'll teach you how to do it here. 

You have several options for storing LED rope lights so there's sure to be a solution for you. Keep in mind that rope lights vary a bit from string lights and proper storage prevents damage.

Ready to get started? Keep reading for all of the best ways to get those lights put away so you don't have to worry about them. 

Find the Right Storage for Your LED Rope Lights

One of the most important things to consider when storing your LED rope lights is to keep them in a cool, dry location in your home. If they've been used outside, be sure to lay them out to dry before storing them anywhere. 

While the attic may be a convenient place to store your rope lighting and LED strips, it may not be the best choice. The temperature fluctuations can damage the lights, both too hot and too cold. 

The same goes for your garage, unless it's heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. Extreme temperatures can ruin your LED lights so the garage isn't an ideal solution either. 

A basement or crawl space is probably the best place to keep your LED lights. That's because you have more control over the temperature and the location is safe inside the house. 

However, consider moisture in these areas since it can damage your LED lights. If your basement is prone to flooding or gets damp during any part of the year, keep this in mind when storing your lights. 

Now that you have a place carved out for keeping your lights, keep reading to find out how to get them ready for storage

Use a Storage Spool

Our storage spools are the perfect solution for your LED lights. Start by attaching the end of the rope lights to the spool.

Then, gently wrap the lights around the spool, securing the other end to the other side as you reach the end of your rope lighting. Be sure you don't have kinks, which can damage the lights. 

You can then place the entire spool inside a plastic storage bin and stow it in your chosen location. This method keeps the rope lights from being bent during storage, ensuring they work when you pull them out again. 

Try a Portable Hose Reel

This is a fantastic way to store your lights without buying anything. Simply use a hose reel from your yard. It works in much the same way as the storage spool mentioned above. 

Starting at one end, secure the rope lights to the reel. Then gently wind the rest of the rope lighting around the reel until you reach the other end. Secure that end as well, which prevents the lights from unwinding. 

Again, you can store the reel in a plastic storage tub or you can hang the reels in your basement where they are safe from the elements. 

Use Large Hooks

This is a popular way to store lights. That's because it works well and is easy to do. Start by hanging a large hook for each set of rope lights you have. You can do this in your basement or inside a storage closet.

Using your hand and elbow, wrap the lighting into coils by circling the strand around until it's rolled around your lower arm. Use a twist tie to secure the lights so they don't unravel. 

Then, hang each strand on one of the hooks. Be sure the lights don't bend or crimp where they hang, which can damage the lights. 

Repurpose an Old Coffee Can

A large empty can is a perfect receptacle for your LED lights. An old coffee can or oatmeal tin is easy to repurpose into a handy storage solution. 

This is another method of wrapping the lights around a large circular object so they aren't folded or bent. The trick, as with the methods listed above, is to secure the ends so the lights don't unravel while being stored.

That gives you space inside to keep LED light accessories that go with the lights. 

Tips for Storing Your LED Lights

No matter what method of storage you use, be sure you label your lights. Write down what length they are and what color. This makes it infinitely easier to determine which strand you need when you need it. 

You can certainly fold your lights and place them inside a storage bin, though there is a higher risk of tangles with this method. Be sure the bin won't get shifted around a lot, which can help prevent this. 

Before stowing your LED lights, you can also prep them for their next use. Check for missing or burnt-out bulbs and any damage to the strip lights. This allows you to get them ready for use again before you need them.

Make sure you also label the bins where you're keeping the lights. That makes it easy to grab what you need without a lot of hassle. 

Now that it's spring and summer, consider using your holiday LED lights to add ambiance to your backyard patio or to up the safety of dark spaces in your backyard.

Thinking Ahead

Proper care and storage of your LED rope lights is vital for ensuring that they are safe and functional. Before you leave, check out our blog for more great ways to use LED lights in and out of your home. 

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