Amp Up the Party! 10 Top House Lighting Ideas for Your Next Big Bash

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 9th 2020

Amp Up the Party! 10 Top House Lighting Ideas for Your Next Big Bash

Are you ready to throw your next party but not sure how to bring the ambiance? 

Setting the mood for any party is just as important as other elements, like choosing a theme. Nothing sets the mood better than having the best lighting. 

Whether you're throwing your next holiday get-together or a simple birthday bash, we've got you covered when it comes to lighting your home. 

Keep reading to illuminate some house lighting ideas for your next party.

10 House Lighting Ideas for Your Event

So you've got everything set for your party: food, drinks, decorations, and more — but it's missing something.

Having the perfect lighting makes your guests feel welcomed and helps them relax.

Here are 10 ways to light your party up and create an environment your guests will never forget!

1. String Lights

String lights, sometimes lovingly called 'twinkle lights,' are incredibly versatile and work for nearly every occasion.

You can put them practically anywhere and they give a happy, yet charming ambiance to your setting.

Another great thing is that they can be used indoor or outdoor depending on the time of year because of their different shapes and sizes. 

There's no need to take them down, even after your party is over! String lights can serve as a source of light even when you're not hosting. 

2. Wreath Lights

Are you ready for the holidays?

Do you love decorating your home with greenery, but need a little extra boost of light? 

Lighted wreath garland looks beautiful sitting atop a fireplace or wrapped around a staircase. Lighted wreaths also make a perfect discussion piece and really show that the holidays have arrived. They look lovely resting on your front door or anywhere else in your home. 

For any holiday party, this is a must-have decoration!

3. Lanterns

Lanterns are a popular piece, especially for centerpieces at weddings.

Your lanterns can be electric, battery-operated, or even handmade using jars and candles. 

Paper lanterns can be especially fun when you hang them from string lights. There are many options, colors, and sizes available that you're bound to find something to suit your party. 

4. Fiesta Lighting

Throwing a fiesta for all your family and friends?

Your party is not complete without several hanging fiesta lights in the shape of peppers!

This will be the talk of the party. Hanging pepper lights are fun and festive and really set the mood for having a great time!

5. Disco Ball or Strobe Lights

Disco balls are not just for the 70s.

If you're ready to throw a party where everyone is going to be dancing and letting loose, using a disco ball or a strobe light keeps the energy up and running.

No one wants to throw a party with dancing and have several committed wallflowers. 

6. LED Color-Changing Message Board

If you're having a large party, consider using an LED color-changing message board to welcome your guests, write out a drinks menu, or just for decoration!

These message boards are incredibly helpful and also add a fun aesthetic to the party. 

The board can be written on with lighting-safe markers and reused for several occasions. This is preferable over chalk markers which can be difficult to remove or may leave stains behind. 

7. Heating Lamps

Outdoor parties can be fun, but when it's cold or you live in a colder environment, your chances of having an outdoor party may be limited.

No one wants to stand out in the cold for too long!

Heating lamps provide both the heat and the light. Guests can surround the lamp, feeling warmer and engaging with each other. They'll thank you for it!

8. Lamps

Lamps are easy and effective at lighting up your party.

And here's the best part — they don't have to be boring!

Lamps are extremely customizable and can be personalized to match your party's theme.

Change the light bulb to serve the lighting mood you want to invoke or swap out a lampshade for the evening for something that matches the party. Smaller lamps can be set on tables so it's more flattering than overhead lights. 

9. Don't Forget to Dim

Bright overhead lights tend to be unflattering.

When these bright lights glare down us you and you're trying to enjoy the party, people are likely to see all those gray hairs!

Especially for parties at night, you'll want to make sure you keep the light low, but not so low that people cannot see. Going from one room to the other can change the lighting and set off the mood. If you can, find lamps or lights with dimmers to keep your guest's pupils from hurting. 

10. Mix It Up

It's completely acceptable to use various forms of lighting for your party!

As long as the mood is cohesive throughout your entire party, shaking things up can be enjoyable for guests, and even a creative outlet for you.

While it's great to use one form of lighting continuously, mixing up the different forms may also provide conversations for your guests. 

Light It Up

Planning a party should be fun, and remember that the lighting is just as important as the food and comfort you provide your guests.

Lighting can set a mood, elevate an occasion, or make it more casual. What you do with the lighting should fit the theme of your house party and help enlighten guests to the vibe.

Hopefully, these house lighting ideas have inspired you to choose the proper lights for your next get-together. 

Need to learn more about how to create the perfect lighting for your home? We've got you covered!

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