8 LED Lighting Ideas For Your Next Party

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Dec 23rd 2019

8 LED Lighting Ideas For Your Next Party

Forbes reports that 40% of workers struggle to work productively due to the lighting conditions in their office, but just how does lighting affect your mood when you’re trying to relax and destress?

There’s no denying that lighting affects the mood and atmosphere of any space, especially a party. If you’re looking for unique ways to use LED lighting and other forms of lighting to spice up the life of your next party, then keep on reading. 

We’ve cultivated eight ways that you can incorporate lighting in a creative way to make sure your next party is a huge hit.

1. String Lights Across a Patio

If you’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere, then it’s best to use soft overhead lighting to do so. Instead of attacking your guests with bright neon lights, consider stringing lights across your patio.

Patio party lights are one of the best lighting options for events such as barbecues, kickbacks, and even casual dinners with a large group of friends.

They also look great as a lighting option for a wedding. And, they’re pretty easy to hang up.

All you need to do is invest in some fairy lights or rope lights to hang from one high point to another. It’s easiest to hang them from a window all the way to a high point on a tree in your backyard.

2. Dress up a Tree

If you’re really looking to enhance the mood or want to light up a backyard, then you’ll want to string some backyard party lights all the way around a tree.

This is a great way to illuminate the space without including bright floodlights or harsh overhead lighting.

And you don’t always have to go with the standard white lights, either! Depending on the theme of your party, you can choose colored incandescent lights to create an extension of the colors of your party theme.

If your party is for a special holiday — like Halloween or Christmas — you can even use the tree to create a unique design. 

Think about forming the lights into the shape of a witch around the tree. Or, create a snowman figure using the branches of the tree as the arms and the trunk as the body. The options are endless!

3. Make a Backdrop Out of Rope Lights

Everybody’s a fan of photo booths nowadays. However, you don’t have to contract the services of a photographer to create the perfect backdrop for your guests’ photo memories.

Instead, use a long string of rope lights to form a photo frame across a walk or along the fence of a backyard.

If you’re hosting a corporate event, then you can use an office space for this kind of decoration. Make the entire office the photo backdrop.

Using rope lights is the best way to go about this kind of LED lighting idea, as they’re going to be thick enough to create a nice border while still allowing you to form shapes if you want to add an extra special touch.

4. Use Neon Rope Lights for Under the Furniture

Party lights can enhance the energy of any party. But if you’re looking to truly create a fun atmosphere, you’re going to want to add some color.

If the party you’re throwing is a dance party or any other elegant bash, then you can add neon rope lights under the furniture to create a club-like atmosphere.

Neon strip lights also work for this, as they already come in shapes that are easy to measure and place under chairs, beds, tables, or even the cabinets of the bar area.

5. Make Signs out of Neon Strip Lights

Who doesn’t love a good neon light? They’ve become so popular now that you can use them pretty much anywhere, not just in Vegas.

Whether you’re a professional party planner or a corporate planner, you can create customized neon lights using neon strip lights. Usually, you’re able to cut them into 19.5” sections that you can then use to form shapes or signs.

Because these kinds of lights are so flexible, it’s a cost-effective way to create personalized neon signs with your company’s logo on it.

Or, use them to form the shape of the bride and groom’s last name at a wedding. The options are endless with these kinds of lights.

6. Add Color to the Dance Floor

Similar to adding lights under the furniture, you can also use LED lights to add some color to the party’s dance floor.

How? There are numerous ways! 

You can link together some neon strip lights to form a border around the dance floor. Or, you can use the same kind of strip lights to create unique and creative designs on the walls.

You don’t always have to stick with the neon colors, either. LED strip lights work great here as well.

7. Create Curtains with String Lights

Looking for truly unique party lights ideas? Welcome guests to the party by creating a string light curtain at the front door.

This also works great if the party has multiple rooms or areas where guests can mix and mingle. Make each light curtain a different color or style to let guests know that they’re about to shift gears.

Or, you can use these light curtains to indicate where the bathrooms are. This is a great way to highlight important areas of the party without using boring signs or tacky pinups.

8. Place Lights Inside Decorations

If you’re throwing a more quaint party, then you can create small, unique decorations by throwing some lights inside traditional items around the house.

If you have an old lantern, for example, you can spruce it up by placing some fairy lights inside of it and hanging it from the ceiling for a spooky Halloween party.

Or, place LED lights inside of a large light bulb to create a unique lighting effect. However you decide to do it, it’s best to go with shorter light ropes for this.

Need More LED Lighting Ideas?

The great thing about LED lighting is that there are so many different ways to use it to enhance the ambiance of a space. 

Whether you’re using LED or neon lights, you’re able to transform a party space into a place where your guests are going to enjoy themselves.

Need more lighting ideas? Take a look at our blog on ambient lighting and how to get it right. There, you’ll find tips and tricks to help you alter the mood of any space.

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