Party Lighting 101: How to Use Led Lights for Ambiance at Your Party

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Oct 31st 2019

Party Lighting 101: How to Use Led Lights for Ambiance at Your Party

There's a lot of work that goes into putting a party together. As your big night approaches, you're probably working through a mental checklist: the playlist is made, the food is ordered, the furniture has been arranged or pushed to the side. 

What else is there? Well, hopefully, you've taken the time to think about the lighting of your party. 

Lighting is consistently underrated when it comes to throwing a great party or event. Proper lighting establishes a mood or ambiance that can make or break the success of your event. If you're no lighting expert, the thought of tackling this part of party planning might stress you out. 

But there's no need to worry. With a little LED lighting, you can make your party lighting one of the prime attractions. Read on and we'll walk you through how. 

Why Lighting Is Important 

Everyone knows that pulling off a great event requires strong attention to detail. It's the combination of a number of small decisions that can catapult an evening from good to great. 

The decisions you make in lighting your party can play a big part in that. Lighting is the biggest and best tool you have in creating a sense of mood or ambiance at your party. It can have an actual, scientific effect on your guests' brains

With that importance established, it's worth asking yourself: what type of party are you throwing? 

Is it supposed to be sensual and mysterious? Fun and wild? Whimsical and silly? Classic and straight-laced? No matter your answer, the best way to convey this mood to your attendees is through the act of lighting. 

The proper lighting should give your guests an idea of what they're in for this evening from the moment they step into the event. So before you launch into thinking about the Hows of your lighting plan, consider your goals first. 

If you can decide on what type of mood and ambiance you're trying to establish, figuring out how to light your party will become much more managable. 

A Word On Bad Lighting

It's worth noting that a failure to light a party properly can cause it to sink as well. Imagine attending a party where the dance floor is lit in bright fluorescents. Do you think anyone is going to feel comfortable dancing, or is everyone going to be flustered and self-conscious? 

With lighting, you're creating an environment for people to enjoy themselves in. It's important to keep this in mind as you design your evening. A lack of concern for proper lighting can really kill the vibe of a party altogether. 

Creating A Proper Sense Of Ambiance

Now that you have an image of what you want your party to be in your head, you can set to work on making your vision a reality. There are a few simple steps you can take to improve and create the lighting of your party. 

Create An Alluring Glow 

Most parties thrive in a kind of romantic low-light setting. This kind of ambiance helps to make people feel comfortable and provides that just-a-little-hazy feeling that helps the drinks go down. 

How can you create such a feeling in your own home or event space? First thing first, turn off that ugly overhead light. There's nothing that kills a party vibe more than using the standard light in a room. These lights are meant to brightly illuminate the room for a user, not create a sense of ambiance. Keep it off. 

Instead, consider installing a few LED light panels around the area. LED lighting is inexpensive and comes in a variety of forms. Many are easy to hide away out of sight in a space. For example, LED puck lights can be attached to the underside of cabinets and surfaces for a discreet but attractive source of light. 

Tucking light away in such spots helps bring the overall ambiance of a room up without destroying that more moody feeling. Often, such LED lights can also be tuned to different colors, so you can decide on a glow hue that seems right for your event. 

Accent Walkways and Outdoor Spaces 

Not all parties take place exclusively inside, of course. In fact, many homeowners utilize their outdoor space as part of the party environment. How can you use LEDs to help transform this space and help it feel in line with your interior environment? 

Consider placing LED light strips along outdoor walkways. This move has two benefits in one: it brings a similar ambiance into your outdoor space, for one. But it also ensures that your guests can see where they're going and that no one trips through the dark. 

Lighting garden areas and outdoor nooks from below can help to create an ambiance that is bright enough for your guests to enjoy but not too bright so that the mood is killed. Using LED lights in both interior and exterior spaces creates a sense of continuity between your party as a whole. 

Proper lighting is key to a good party and luckily LED lighting provides a cheap and affordable way to create the perfect mood. 

Planning The Perfect Party Lighting 

There's little more important to an event than landing on the perfect party lighting. Lighting can make or break the mood of an event, and so it's important as a host and organizer that you take this task seriously. The above tips provide just a few ways to use LEDs to make your night a success. 

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