8 Ways to Decorate Your Home with LED Strip Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jan 16th 2018

8 Ways to Decorate Your Home with LED Strip Lights

Are you thinking about getting LED rope or strip lights for your home?

There are many benefits to incorporating LED lights.

They are affordable, including the strips themselves as well as the fact that there is no electric wiring and electricians involved. This also brings confidence in avoiding any potential electrical issues.

LED lights are more efficient than other lighting options. The U.S. Department of Energy claims that LED lights use 75% less energy and can reduce electricity costs by $30 billion in the U.S.

So, they will save both energy and money.

In addition, LED strips are safer than other types of lighting. So, if you have children in the home or want to place lights in areas where they may get wet, LED is the way to go.

Check out these eight creative ways to use LED strip lights in your home.

1. Outdoor Space

This is probably the most common use of LED strip lighting.

When you’re relaxing outside, whether it’s on a porch, patio, deck, lanai, or in a hot tub or pool, LED lighting provides the perfect accent lighting for entertaining or just enjoying some nighttime outdoors.

It is often hard to install outdoor lighting and can be costly too.

Instead, just hang LED strip lighting around the molding of your outdoor space, at the base of stairs, around trees, along gardens and walkways, and around the pool or hot tub.

LED strips are weather resistant, so you won’t have to worry relative issues.

The lights also come in various colors. If you want a club look or a classy feel, you can find LED strips to fit your outdoor space’s need.

You and your friends will love it.

2. Under the Bar

Do you have a great bar space perfect for entertaining? If so, fancy it up and make it feel like a real bar with soft LED lighting.

You can easily string LED strip lighting under the bar and never have to turn on those bright overhead lights again.

Plus, you can put the money you’ll save on your electric bill toward stocking the bar with your favorite refreshments.

3. Bathroom

Not everyone likes to have bright lights in their eyes when they first wake up in the morning and head to the restroom.

Not everyone has time, or the want, to light 10 different candles to provide a calming ambiance for a relaxing bubble bath.

Instead of spending a good chunk of money and time having dimming lights installed in your bathroom, turn to LED strips.

You can place these above your bathroom cabinets, under or at the base of the bathtub, within bathroom shelving, between or around mirrors, and really anywhere your bathroom space allows for.

With LED strips, you won’t have to worry about your eyes and headaches, as well as waking up your partner who may still be sleeping.

4. Around the Bed

Many people spend time in the bedroom not sleeping. You may be one of the 60% of Americans who spend bedroom time reading, searching the web, or watching TV.

Or maybe you get up and ready before the break of dawn every day, but don’t like to turn on those bright lights.

While bedside lamps have worked historically for these purposes, they are not nearly as efficient or versatile as LED strip lighting.

LED strips can be placed under the bed, lining your bed’s headboard or baseboard, or even under your bedside tables.

They will provide enough light for you to see while keeping a tranquil environment.

You can also choose soothing colors, such as blue, with LED lighting– something you cannot easily do with traditional light bulbs.

The best part is LED strip lights can be motion censored. Yes, that’s right. You can get lights that will come on when you wake up and get out of bed.

5. Under or Above Kitchen Cabinets

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, which means we use a lot of electricity in our kitchens, too.

Save on that light bill by installing LED strip lights under or above your kitchen cabinets. If you have a kitchen island, string lights around

You will get extra lighting while saving money.

Plus, the ambiance looks really cool. Your guests will want to hang out with you in the kitchen.

6. Inside Drawers or Cabinets

We’ve all been there. When we need to find something in a drawer or grab a plate from a cabinet, but we don’t want to disturb others in the home by turning on bright overhead lights.

Luckily, there is a simple solution. Line the inside of your drawers or cabinets with LED strip lighting.

No more fumbling around in the dark.

7. Above Shelving

Nothing says cozy like a glowing bookshelf.

Whether it’s books, photos, or mementos, having lighted shelves will highlight what you choose to display on them.

Lighting above shelving doesn’t have to only be for display shelving, though. It can also be extremely useful in closets and pantries.

Again, when you don’t want to wake your significant other or children, having LED strip lighting to help you find matching shoes for the day or the right type of cereal box will only benefit you in many ways.

8. Under Seating

Have you always wanted to have a movie theater feel in your home?

It’s easier than you think.

Stick LED strip lighting under your couch or recliners. You will have the perfect amount of light to watch your favorite movie and still see your popcorn bowl.

The kids will love this feature, and you’ll be the envy of sleepovers.

Ready to Purchase Your LED Strip Lights?

As you can see, there are many benefits and ways to incorporate LED strips within your home.

If you’re ready to quit searching for things in the dark, wishing for ambiance in certain rooms of your home, and to become the envy entertainer of all your friends, then you’re ready to purchase your LEDs.

Check out all the versatile options we have available.

We also have blog posts with information and resources to better help you understand your options and how to install LED lights.

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