7 Romantic Lighting Ideas for Valentine's Day

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 7th 2022

7 Romantic Lighting Ideas for Valentine's Day

Looking for a little something extra to brighten your special person's day this Valentine's Day? Adding romantic lighting to your space can change the mood and show how you care with the effort you spend in making it new. And romantic lighting can be more than just a single candle on the dinner table. 

These lighting ideas will impress your loved one and put your love in a whole new light. 

1. All the Stars in the Sky

Now you can turn any room into the house into a picnic under the stars. You can use a laser light setup to create the view of the night sky and include stars, clouds, and even nebulas. You can choose whichever style you like best, and even find ones with multiple settings to adjust depending on the occasion and mood.

This is a great valentines day surprise in the bedroom, where you can cuddle up and stargaze late into the night. The setup isn't overly complicated, but it's a good idea to test it out first before you surprise your loved one. 

2. Right on Red

Red lights are historically romantic and tied to everything Valentine's Day-related. Red light suggests romance, passion, and desire. Now you can get LED bulbs or lights to put in place of others or get lights that can change shade.

You can even find lights that will adjust their color and brightness on a phone app, so all you have to do is sneakily change the settings under the table and you'll be in a romantic space faster than you can blink. This lighting can sometimes be overdone, so be sure you start subtle and see how the room looks one light at a time.

3. Light the Way With Lanterns

Lanterns make for great romantic lighting ideas because they're low, subtle lighting softens the space and the people in it, and adds something mystical to the room. They also come in all shapes and sizes so you can pick out the ones that work well in your unique home.

You can find string-up lanterns as a one-time decoration, or buy lanterns to replace lampshades in your home and recreate a new interior look. You can use pink lights, red lights, warm yellow lantern lights, and more. 

4. Add Magic With Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a great way to lower the lighting in a space and still add some magic in. And you can string them up however you like.

A great idea is to get some of the longer ones that include strands that hang down and decorate a wall with them, or string them across the ceiling. Plug them in as you're ready to sit down for dinner or a movie night in and you'll have immediate mood lighting. 

5. Classic Candle Lighting

Candle lighting is a classic standby for Valentine's Day, and there's a reason it's so popular. Candlelight looks amazing, and you can get creative with how you arrange and decorate your home with them.

Lighting several at different heights, creating a centerpiece, and adding more around your home, can give warmth and just enough light for your love to find their way to you. The main thing to remember is to place them in spots that are safe for candles, and don't leave them burning if you're leaving the house. 

6. String Up the String Lights

You may think string lights were gone after Christmas, but they make great romantic lighting for Valentine's Day, so don't put them away just yet. The vibrant different colors can be strung up wherever you like and add beautiful lighting to the space. The reds, blues, and greens can contrast with one another and add a more festive feel to your space. 

These are especially great if you want to have a Valentine's Day party and celebrate with a big group. But they can also work well in a one-on-one setting. 

7. Low Light With Low Lamps

Using lamps can add more mood lighting than you expect. There are all kinds of wonderful options that can bring the room light down enough to set the tone and warm the space. You can use a Himalayan salt lamp, or a more vintage-inspired lamp to light up the room without overpowering your eyes.

Romantic Lighting and More

When you're looking for romantic lighting ideas, don't forget about the other elements that can help set the mood. Adding some roses or rose petals to your home will add a pop of color and a sweet gesture, no matter how small, can go a long way.

And if you're already lighting candles, make one of them a nice scented candle to add a nice aroma to your home. Don't forget to add some good smooth music and you'll be set for a romantic night in. 

Love and Light

Valentine's Day is all about romance, love, and showing our appreciation for those we care about. You can show more than you think with a display of lighting.

Romantic lighting can turn a room from average, even dull, into a space to spend time and get to know one another. Don't be afraid to try a few different styles to see what works in your home.

You may find you like your mood lighting so much, you'll want to keep it up for every other day of the year. And if you're looking for more options to brighten up your home, check out more of our lighting options!

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