Magic Decor Inspiration: LED Strip Lights for Ceiling Ideas

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 19th 2021

Magic Decor Inspiration: LED Strip Lights for Ceiling Ideas

Is your space in need of a budget-friendly facelift? Updating your lighting is a high-impact way to add style to any room, but light fixtures can be surprisingly expensive. 

LED strip lights for ceiling installation are a versatile option that will be easy on your wallet. There are endless ways to use them for decorating. They can provide a festive, relaxing, or modern feel. 

If you love the thought of installing LED lights on your ceiling, but you're not sure where to begin, we're here to help. Keep reading for a list of inspirational ideas that will transform your space.  

The Benefits of LED Strip Lights

Affordability, versatility, and beauty aren't the only benefits of ceiling LED strip lights. They are an amazing product for many reasons. LED strip lights are:

  • Customizable
  • Flexible
  • Energy-efficient
  • Pre-marked for easy trimming
  • Available in an array of colors
  • Pre-programmed to flash, fade, dim, and more
  • Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to install with tracks, clips, or double-sided tape 

Create a Festive Hangout Space

Does your home have a recreational space or a basement where friends and family gather to socialize? Ceiling lights can add a wow factor that's sure to make any party more fun. 

Consider installing LED strip lights in your favorite color. Program them to flash if you want to delight your guests. Whether you're playing pool or enjoying a few cold beverages, upbeat lighting will brighten both the room and the mood

Perfect Your Patio

No patio is complete without ribbon-like LED lights winding their way around the roof. Setting the right ambiance is key for outdoor living spaces. Lighting is the number one way to produce the perfect atmosphere. 

Simple white strip lights will create a zen environment for spending time with loved ones. Combine them with a few candles and pillows for maximum coziness. You'll love the view as you gaze out your window. 

Add Magic to Your Child's Bedroom

Children love the magic of colorful lights. When you install LED strip lights on the ceiling, your child's bedroom will have a holiday-like charm all year long.

A kid's room is a great place to go wild with your decorating decisions. Let your little ones choose their favorite colors and install the lights in creative patterns. Program special effects to set the stage for their bedtime adventures. 

Take Your Indoor Pool to the Next Level

If you're lucky enough to have an indoor pool, make it extra special with a custom LED light installation.

When you install colored lights overhead, they will reflect off the surface of the water. The effect is dreamy and calming. You'll love looking up at the glistening LED lights on the ceiling while you float or practice your backstroke. 

Enhance Your Modern Living Room

Recessed ceilings are all the rage in modern architecture. If you have one in your living room or elsewhere in your home, think about lining the edges with LED strip lights. A relaxing glow will illuminate the entire area. 

If you don't have a recessed ceiling, you can achieve a similar effect by applying LED lights around the upper edges of the room. The strips are flexible and can be trimmed to any length. They can be customized to suit virtually any room size and shape. 

LED-lit stripes are one more interesting design idea. Run a pair of LED light strips across your ceiling, or install a series of parallel lines. It's an inexpensive way to add some serious architectural credibility to your home. 

Elevate Your Home Theater

Do you have a TV room or a home theater? Consider adding movie theater-inspired lighting on your ceiling. Just remember to dim the lights before the film begins. 

LED ceiling lights won't interfere with your ability to see the television, but they will keep your friends and family safe. Soft lighting provides just enough visibility to reduce the risk of trips and falls. 

Improve Kitchen Visibility

If you're a midnight snack aficionado, installing LED lights above your kitchen cabinets is an excellent idea. In addition to looking sleek, they'll make it easy to see what's in the pantry. 

LED cabinet lighting is now the standard in the home building industry. If you live in an older house, applying strip lights can go a long way to modernize the feel of your cooking area. 

Highlight Your Book Collection

Book nerds rejoice! One of the best uses for LED strip lights is to highlight beautiful built-in shelves. Place the lights along the top of your bookcase to reveal your favorite titles to visitors. 

You'll appreciate being able to locate the book you want to read quickly, even if the rest of the room is dark. 

Not a reader? Shelves are also perfect for displaying collectibles and other decorative items. Light them up for everyone to enjoy. 

Exercise in Style

There's a reason LED strip lights are often seen in gyms. Fitness instructors have noticed how changing the color of the room can impact their students' energy. 

The benefits of color therapy are well known, so use science to your advantage and give yourself a boost by installing ceiling lights in your exercise room. Try bright yellow, red, or neon green for an energizing effect. 

Make a Dramatic Entrance

Your entryway is the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. It's also where your guests will form their first impression of your home. 

Make the experience memorable with a serene ceiling light installation. Dim, white lighting along the edges of the ceiling will help you and visitors transition from the hectic outside world to a meditative mindset.

Install LED Strip Lights for Ceiling Excitement

Now that you have plenty of lighting ideas, it's time to take a look around your home and plan your first installation. Using LED strip lights for ceiling decoration will lead to so many smiles. LED strip lights are unique, innovative, and affordable – so why not place your first order today? 

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