Change the Look and Feel of a Room with New Indoor Lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Sep 13th 2021

Change the Look and Feel of a Room with New Indoor Lighting

No matter how much you love your home, it'll start to look flat and unimaginative after a bit of time living in it. This is when most homeowners decide it's time to remodel and redesign the home they love. 

While remodeling is a great idea, there are other ways to give your home the redesign you're seeking for half the money. For example, switching up your indoor lighting is a great way to bring a freshness to your home that you've never experienced before. 

Not only can new ceiling lights and lighting displays refresh your home, but they can also boost your mood and well-being. In this blog, we'll go into a few ways you can change the lighting in your home for a new, snazzy, improved look. 

Layer Lighting for a More Balanced Effect

Layers are essential when it comes to lighting. To achieve the best balance, you'll want to aim for at least three lighting sources in every room. From LED ceiling lights to soft indoor lighting lamps, layering can do a lot to bring a room together.

Just don't forget about accent lighting since it helps to highlight all those extra details you've added to the room. 

Use Dimmers Wherever Possible

Not only can dimmers help to soften the room, but they also help to save on your electricity bills as well. So make sure to install dimmer switches in every room and every lighting source possible.

Dimmers also make it easier to balance out natural light and artificial light, as well as helping with your mood. Dimmer switches work really well on ceiling lights, so don't forget to add them to your ceiling light fixtures during your redesign. 

Use Your Lighting in Unexpected Ways

It's important to note that lighting is a whole lot more than just ceiling lights and lamps on the bedside table. There are quite a few interesting indoor lighting ideas to choose from when it comes to using your new lighting in unexpected ways. 

For example, you can string lights on a bookcase or hang pendant lights above your bed for that extra mood-boosting enhancement and soft lighting. From string lights in the backyard to lamps in the living room, there's a lot to be said about proper lighting.

Invest in a Lighting Control App

Let's say you're watching TV on the couch and the light is glaring onto the screen, or you forgot to turn on a lamp when you left for work this morning, and now it's dark.

If you have a lighting control app, you can control the lights from the comfort of the couch or turn on a lamp from your phone, so you don't have to walk into a dark house alone.

Investing in one of these apps can give you control of the lighting in your home and save you money at the same time, because who hasn't left the lights on and needed to turn them off when they were away from home.

Invest in a New Ceiling Fan

When was the last time you replaced the ceiling fan in your home? Unfortunately, most homeowners just leave them up until they kick the bucket and then replace them. 

However, the newer ceiling fans have lights that might already have a dimmer switch installed, and they come in colors, styles, and accents that will add to the ambiance in your newly designed home as well. 

Newer ceiling fans are quieter than older ceiling fans, and most come with fan motors that use less energy and are cool to the touch also.

Update Your TV Room Lighting

One of the best places in your home to update your lighting is the TV/media room. You probably already know that these rooms don't need near as much lighting as other rooms in your home, such as the kitchen. Task lighting is great for a TV room or soft glow lamps that don't throw a glare onto the TV.

Just make sure that you have enough lighting to be able to see the popcorn when watching a movie.

Natural lighting is great in a TV room, but you want reliable window treatments as well since you don't want the glare from the sun outside to fall across the TV when you're watching your favorite TV show. 

Invest in New Lampshades

Once you've taken care of the lighting in your home, why not invest in a few new lampshades to heighten the experience? On top of that, lampshades can help to dampen light and come in different colors, styles, and even sizes.

Just make sure to measure your lamps before heading to the store to purchase lamp shades. You don't want to get home with a lampshade you love only to find it doesn't fit any of the lamps in your home, now do you? 

Lampshades just add a touch of elegance and coziness to any room in a house, don't you think? 

LED Lights for the Holidays

There's nothing like stringing lights during the holidays. However, it's even better when you switch your old holiday lights out for LED lights instead. Not only are LED lights more twinkly and nice for the holidays, but they're also energy-efficient and can once again help on that holiday electric bill that you dread every Christmas season. 

Update Your Indoor Lighting Today

These are just a few of the ways that you can upgrade and redesign your home with creative lighting. From LED Lights to ceiling fixtures, there's a lot to be said about lighting.

Now that you know a few things about what indoor lighting can do for your home's design contact us for your options for lighting today. We offer everything from LED Christmas lights to ceiling lights and more. 

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