7 Cool Ways to Decorate with Dorm Room Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 17th 2020

7 Cool Ways to Decorate with Dorm Room Lights

Living on campus has many perks, including better academic performance and graduation rates. On-campus housing also offers students their own living space to style as they wish. 

Lighting is an inexpensive and easy way to boost style and function in your dorm room. Lighting techniques also work to help accent your room. They highlight certain features for a more unique vibe. 

Here are seven creative ways to add dorm room lights to your new space. 

1. Style the Area Around Your Bed  

It's true that dorm rooms don't come with much design savviness or personality. So, it's up to the inhabitant to add their own sense of style and creativity to the room. Using lights for dorm room decor helps to create a cool and stylish vibe. 

One way to do this is by draping lights around the ceiling above your bed. You can also create a curtain of lights as a backdrop behind the bed.

Using a sheer fabric or curtains to lay over the lights will create an even dreamier look. Tulle fabric or light-filtering white curtains are good options for this. 

This lighting technique also works well for a loft or bunk-style bed. You can add a curtain of lights on the outer walls that the bed sits against.

Stringing lights above the bottom bed will offer a star-like atmosphere as well. Another idea is to wrap the bedposts and ladder with lights. 

2. Create a Memory Wall 

69 percent of college freshmen admit to feeling homesick. Going off to college is a big transition period for most students. Having small mementos from your life at home can help ease these unpleasant feelings. 

One idea is to pin up pictures of your friends and family to create a memory wall. Then use lights to highlight your pictures and make them stand out. 

This makes a nice design statement in your room and you'll feel less homesick. Cool lights for dorm room decor can also get used for framing a picture collage.

3. Get Crafty by Making Your Own Art

Small string lights are a great way to highlight artwork and other types of wall decor. Hang them alongside signage and tapestries that show off your personal style. 

You can even make your own artwork using different types of lighting. One idea is a framed map of the night sky.

Rope lights also make it easy to spell out words on your wall. It helps to check out Pinterest for some cool inspiration on this style of artwork. 

4. Feel More Festive with Seasonal Decor 

Most students plan to head home over the holidays. But that doesn't mean you can't make your room more festive before you leave for winter break.

Adding seasonal dorm lights to your space helps bring about the holiday spirit. These can be in traditional gold, white, red, or green color. Candy cane style rope lights are another fun and festive idea. 

These lights aren't only for celebrating Christmas either. You can use them for fun Halloween decor as well. 

5. Accent a Book Shelf or Desk

Try laying cool dorm room lights across a table surface, like a shelf or desk. This trick not only looks stylish but sets a nice ambiance in your dorm. 

Turn off overhead lighting and light up your accent lights more often. This offers a better atmosphere for hanging out or watching TV with your roommate.

LED lights are also considered safer than using other lighting systems. They use less heat and have a longer lifespan. 

Try layering long strands of lights over picture frames, textbooks, and decor. Another idea is to create a lighting backdrop behind your desk.  

You can use LED lighting to fill lanterns or mason jars to make them twinkle. Place these on your desk or dresser for added style.

This is a much safer option than adding candles to your room. Most dorm rooms do not allow you to burn candles anyway. 

6. Illuminate a Border in Your Room 

Illuminating corners or furniture pieces are other unique dorm room lighting ideas. This offers a border design for a dramatic look. It creates contrast and also helps set the mood in your bedroom space. 

To get the look, use quality LED rope lights or strip lights. Then wrap them around the border of your TV or study area. They also look cool outlining the border of a doorway, the ceiling, or the floor. 

These lights come in different color options, like bright neons. So, you can match your favorite color or design style.  

They also feature different lighting effects. This includes flashing, dimming, or changing colors.  

7. Enhance a Reading Nook

Placing an accent chair in a corner is an easy way to create your own reading nook. This look also works well with a bean bag chair or big pouf.  

This offers the perfect cozy spot to curl up with a book or have a study session. Enhance the space by draping small string lights from the ceiling in a creative way.

Bistro style lights also work well for adding extra ambiance to your nook. A comfy throw is another essential element of a good reading nook. 

Using Dorm Room Lights to Enhance Your Living Space

Many students use dorm room lights to create a new ambiance for their on-campus housing. Different style lights also offer an affordable way to transform a blank canvas. These lighting techniques add style, enhance function, and make your living space more unique. 

So, are you ready to get creative by decorating your dorm room in lights? Shop our collection of rope lights for more inspiration. 

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