Bedroom Light Ideas: 5 Tips for Using LED Lighting to Set the Mood

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 4th 2019

Bedroom Light Ideas: 5 Tips for Using LED Lighting to Set the Mood

The amount and type of light one is exposed to greatly affects their mood and brain circuits

If you’re thinking of spicing things up in the bedroom, try using LED lighting to set the mood.

With a little creativity, you can set up a unique lighting system that can allow you to change the ambiance of the room by changing the intensity, focus, and color of lights.

In this article, we will take at some of the best bedroom light ideas that can help you revamp your romantic life.

Use Layered Lighting to Mix Things Up

In order to enhance the visual appeal of a room, lighting designers utilize three layers of light.

These are ambient, accent, and task lighting. By setting up such a lighting system in place, you will be able to adjust the lighting to suit what you are doing.

Ambient lighting will allow you to perform general tasks such as making the bed, cleaning, or decluttering. Task lights are designed to help you perform specific tasks such as reading or applying makeup.

To set the mood, you will have to put more focus on accent lighting. These are lights that illuminate different features, such as artwork within the room and are meant to draw attention.

With the right balance, they can make a room very cozy. Incorporate different color bulbs for maximum effect.

Install Light Dimmers

Installing dimmers over the light fixtures in your room is an easy way of varying the light intensity as you please, which could improve intimacy.

With dimmers, you will be able to get to the perfect middle ground between bright light and total darkness.

This setting is also perfect for women who are conscious of their bodies and are not comfortable being seen. More light can be introduced as her comfort levels increase.

Do Not Use Fluorescent

If you’re spicing things up, fluorescent is a definite no. This is because they flicker on and off –though not necessarily perceptible to the eye- rapidly which causes headaches and fatigue to the eyes.

Also, most fluorescent lights contain mercury. This is a toxin you definitely wouldn’t want in your peaceful haven.

In addition, fluorescent lights are just not visually appealing thus beating the purpose of mood setting. Instead, go for LED light strips which are great for decorating and setting the mood.

Try Using Knee High Bedroom Light Ideas

Shadows resulting from overhead lamps can be a big turn off.

It makes either or both of you to seem like you have darkened eyes or very short torsos, which ruins the visual appeal during intimacy. Lower placed lighting does the complete opposite.

Thanks to the shadows, the sides of your face and body will look artistic. It will also help highlight the woman’s curves and make her motions more dramatic.

Such effects make women even more comfortable, thus making the experience more pleasurable.

Go Old School with Candle Light

You just can’t go wrong with candles.

Candlelight is romantic because it triggers a subconscious signal of mutual attraction. When a person is attracted to someone else, their pupils dilate.

The low light from candles causes pupils to dilate in similar fashion thus giving them the sense of a strong connection.

Changes in light levels affect humans. Due to the fact that we sleep at night, lower light levels trigger a sleeping mode. This leads to more relaxation, which can easily be transformed into a romantic mood.

Additionally, since the light from candles doesn’t travel far, it helps to create an intimate space that only the two of you share.

 We are also very sensitive to some smells. Try using scented candles to make the candlelight experience more spectacular. There are various fragrances that you can use to match the setting you have in place.

How to Get the Most from Your Lighting

Light greatly affects mood, and if used creatively, the results can be incredible. However, a lot of design has to go into the set up you put in place for it to deliver the desired results. The following are some tips to help you out.

Study Your Space Well

It is important to know that every room is unique and requires a different tone to set the mood. Before you even start with design, take the time to study the room.

Identify features such as furniture, art, sizes, and angles of walls that you can illuminate. Only then should you start trying out different techniques to light the room.

Create Artistic Shadows on the Walls

Sounds like a lot of work but it really isn’t. Actually using shadows is very sexy and can be pretty interesting. Take a few lamps or flashlight to make the shadows and patterns on the wall.

Aim the light through colored artifacts such as glass. Try placing the lights on different levels and angles to make the setting cinematic.

Light Up Specific Points

Do not focus on lighting the whole room. Instead, go for a lot of localized points. Illuminating specific points in the room will make the whole space a touch of sophistication.

Use the lamps available and focus them on art or point them at a wall.

This technique is especially great if you do not have the time to declutter. You will be able to draw your partner’s attention to the target areas of the room as well as keep the junk out of sight.

You Do Not Need to Spend a lot on Special Lights

Whether you want to regain the lost spark in a relationship or just create a special night for your loved one, lighting can do wonders.

And it won’t cost an arm and a leg. It can be as simple as turning the TV around to face a white wall to create a simulation of moving images.

Just figure out the tone you want to set and experiment with some of the bedroom light ideas highlighted above.

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