Why LED Lighting Systems Are Perfect for Interior Design

Posted by Birddog Lighting on May 10th 2021

Why LED Lighting Systems Are Perfect for Interior Design

Interior design is a standard part of everyday life. The design of your home contributes to your daily mood and the tone you set for each day. Interior design also expresses something about you and your personality.

One of the most vital pieces of interior design is your lighting. Perhaps more than any other feature, your lighting helps determine the mood of a room. Dim lighting creates a cozy, intimate feeling. Bright light, however, supports a productive mindset.

Many lighting systems exist on the market, but LED lighting systems are the most flexible and adaptive. Though most people associate these with a plain bright glow, these lights are truly perfect for your home.

If you're not convinced, keep reading! In this article, we'll cover all the reasons why LED light strips are just the lighting system you need. 

LED Lighting Systems Are Adaptable

Many people think of LED lights as bright, glowing white lights that fill their workplaces. They're good for visibility but perhaps not the coziest of lighting systems.

This is a total misconception. While it is true that many work environments opt to use LEDs for their energy efficiency, these lights have far more to offer than a simple functional light.

For instance, did you know that some LED light strips are multi-colored? Many utilize RGB colors, giving you control over which tint you'd prefer at any given time. 

In many cases, these colored strips respond to music. This functions by changing color according to the style of music that's playing. Such a feature makes LED lights a stellar choice for a party decoration!

In addition to multi-colored systems, several LED strip lights allow you to dim the lights according to your preference. This gives you the freedom to set the mood of a room to whatever your purposes for the moment are.

Another convenience of LED lights' adaptability is that you can cut or bend them for whatever purposes you need. For instance, you can fit some LED lights to particular appliances, such as behind your TV or around your mirror. 

LED Lighting Systems Are Modern

LED light strips have a modern look to them, and they are better suited to contemporary concerns. As mentioned before, many businesses opt to use LED lights because they are more energy-efficient

These lights require a lot less wattage than the typical incandescent light. This allows you to save money on your energy bill, which is especially helpful for those just starting to live independently.

Furthermore, LED lights are more durable than other modes of light. They last longer, which also saves you money on buying replacements. 

Perhaps the most significant modern advantage is that LED strip lights are compatible with SMART home technology. Several models have the option to sync with Alexa devices or other SMART tech, like Google Home.

Outdoor Lighting Benefits

Though this article is primarily about indoor design, there are benefits to outdoor LED strip lights. Outdoor lighting serves several purposes. You can use them to create a decorative, coffeehouse sort of porch.

A good set of LED rope lights is a classic way of creating a vibrant outdoor area in the spring and summer. Whether you want to have a great barbeque under the stars for the Fourth of July or just a place to relax outdoors, these lights are a perfect choice.

Furthermore, LED lighting systems can replace the usual incandescent lights you might use for things such as floodlights.

If you are looking for outdoor light strips, there are several things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the lights have a dawn to dusk functionality.

If you want your lights to last longer and save you money, make sure they have a sensor to detect sunlight. When this occurs, it should turn your lights off.

Also, make sure they are certified safe for use by legitimate authorities, such as The Underwriters Laboratories. They are the top standard for safe and efficient lighting. 

Ways to Use LED Lights

We've covered several advantages to LED lighting systems, but we haven't spent much time discussing ways to use them in your home. So, in this last section, we'll discuss different ways to use these in your decorating

If you have wall art you love, whether it's a painting, a poster, or maybe your creative piece, then you can highlight this by placing an LED rope around it. This also allows you to control the lighting in which you see the art.

You can also add a string of LED lights around the headboard of your bed. If you like to read a little before bed each night, some headboard lighting can provide cozy lighting to help you wind down before bed. 

Another useful tip is to install LED lighting systems underneath your cabinets, or even inside your cabinets. By placing lights underneath your cabinets, you provide an attractive backsplash of light to your countertops.

If you place them inside your cabinets, this provides the advantage of seeing better in a dark space. This helps keep your cabinets better organized and guards you against straining to find something.

A final tip for LED light decorating is to line your staircase with LED lights. This can be particularly useful at night or in the early morning when staircases are often dim. 

Discover Your Best LED Decoration Today

By this point, we hope you see there are many advantages to decorating your home with LED lighting systems. There are several options available for decorating with LED lights. The trick is to find the lights that suit your decorative tastes. 

To get started, check out some LED strip lights online today! Whether you want colored or white lights, a long strip or short, find the things you need to make your decoration pop!

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