3 Beautiful Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting Designs for Your Home

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 29th 2021

3 Beautiful Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting Designs for Your Home

The US kitchen cabinet industry recorded revenues of just over $25 million last year. This is expected to steadily increase over the next few years. This is attributed to the projected increase in the average unit price of cabinets due to the addition of amenities such as specialized shelving, racks, and LED lighting. 

Kitchen under-cabinet LED lighting is a popular trend because it not only provides a modern, clean look for your kitchen, but it's also quite practical. You may have a beautiful kitchen, but often, over time and with greater use, you discover areas that require additional lighting.

This can be easily fixed, as the installation of kitchen cabinet lights is easy and affordable. Read on to find out the best kitchen under-cabinet lighting that's available to beautify your home.

Things to Know About LED Lighting

LED lighting is a modern, affordable, and flexible way to light up workspaces in your kitchen. However, before you start to look at the options available, here are a few things you should know about LED lighting. 

LED lights are available in different colors:

Cool White

This is clear and white with a color temperature of approximately 4200K. They effectively illuminate dim places. Their strength is similar to modern headlights, which are the same strength, and can effectively light up an extremely dark road.

Warm White

This color is similar to an old incandescent bulb. Its color temperature starts at 2700K. They provide accent lighting that gives a cozy, warm effect. It's ideal for highlighting the design features of your cabinets.


This combines the colors red, green, and blue (as denoted by the acronym) to create over 16 million hues of light, including bright white. The color possibilities are endless, providing a variety of lighting options to make your space beautiful.

If you're looking for a modern touch to your kitchen, LED lighting is a perfect choice.

3 of the Best Kitchen Under-Cabinet LED Lighting Options

Your kitchen design should not only be functional but comfortable as well. Lighting plays an important part in achieving this. Here are three kitchen cabinet lighting ideas that can improve the functionality of this important room in your home.

1. Rigid LED Light Bars

Rigid LED Light Bars provide a refined look for under-cabinet lighting. It's durable and as its name suggests, it's a solid, rigid bar of light that is well-suited for high traffic areas. You can choose one of three light intensity options - standard-, high-, or ultra-intensity, to suit your needs.

This makes it great for smaller areas. But what's even better is that it provides an option for larger areas as well. 

Benefits of Rigid LED Light Bars:

  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Extra light intensity
  • Easy installation
  • Energy-efficient

LED light bars will give your kitchen a modern look and will highlight the once dark areas of your kitchen as it is more powerful than other LED lights.

2. LED Ruler Lights

There are two versions of LED ruler lights - ultra-thin and corner mount. They both provide great lighting and are even better when paired together. The ultra-thin lights are inconspicuous and well-concealed once installed. 

You can install the corner mount option seamlessly at 90-degree angles for corners that are usually tricky when it comes to under-cabinet lighting installations. They both provide extra lighting in the dark corners of your kitchen. 

Benefits of LED Ruler Lights:

  • Eliminates dark spots when mounted end-to-end
  • More inconspicuous than other LED lights
  • Two options available
  • Versatility
  • Affordable

Although similar to light bars, ruler lights are narrow and come in two varieties. They can be used end-to-end and provide lighting at 90-degree angles. Light bars come in one length but have three light-intensity variants. Both are effective under-cabinet lighting options.

3. LED Puck Lights

They're a popular option for under-cabinet lighting shaped like a hockey puck, hence the name. They're available with different types of bulbs, but the LED bulbs are long-lasting and energy-efficient as they emit lower levels of heat.

They are easy to install as they are neat and stick to the underside of the cabinet. Battery-powered models are available and affordable, making them ideal for renters who are looking for temporary additional lighting in their kitchens.

Benefits of LED Puck Lights:

  • Durability
  • Easy-to-install
  • Battery-powered
  • Affordable
  • Dimming functionality
  • Focused lighting 

If you prefer a more even light, you may want to use either LED ruler lights or rigid LED light bars instead.

There are many other LED lighting options available and many benefits to using them in your home. Your kitchen is immediately enhanced with the perfect under-cabinet lighting fixture.

This spring and summer, you can extend the ambient lighting from your kitchen to your backyard by using LED rope lights. They're ideal for evening barbecues and family gatherings. It's one of the many advantages of using LED lighting. Here are a few more.

Advantages of Using Kitchen Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

Here are some reasons to consider LED under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen:

  • They create great ambient lighting by adding color and light to your kitchen
  • They illuminate areas in your kitchen that may be difficult to see
  • They are affordable as the average material cost for each fixture is $31.40
  • They're easy to install and there's a variety to choose from
  • Your energy bill will be lower as you don't have to illuminate the whole room
  • They don't use much power, so they're cheaper to maintain
  • They're long-lasting so you also don't spend a lot to replace them
  • Shadows are no longer a problem, making prepping and cooking meals easier
  • The layered lighting they produce adds a unique style to your kitchen and increases the value of your home

LED lighting is so affordable and easy to install that many real estate agents suggest adding them as a quick way to add to the value of your home.

Enhancing Your Kitchen With Perfect Lighting

Over the years, kitchens have become the central hub of the home. No longer just a place to cook, it's a room in the home where families meet to share a meal and catch up. Kitchen designs have changed to accommodate this new trend. 

Kitchen under-cabinet LED lighting is one such trend that's used to make your kitchen more inviting while increasing its functionality. To get both, you need to choose the right lighting.

Birddog Lighting provides a variety of LED lighting options you can choose from. Request our FREE catalog and call us to help you enhance your kitchen with the perfect lighting.


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