Which Color LED Light is Best for Each Room in Your Home?

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jul 2nd 2019

Which Color LED Light is Best for Each Room in Your Home?

You’ve bought your home, started to decorate, and have realized that something doesn’t look right. What is it?

The lighting in each room is way too harsh! You don’t want this to ruin all of your hard work. How can you find the right colors to match the personality of each room and still make them functional?

Choosing light bulb colors is about more than just picking the one you like the best at the store or the one with the cheapest price tag. It’s all about how you want the room to affect your brain and your thoughts!

If you want to find out why light bulb colors matter and how to choose one for each room in your home, keep reading to learn about what you can do for your home.

Why Worry About the Best Light Bulbs Color?

Each room in your home has a specific purpose and the lights in the room will help reflect this. 

Lighting function falls into three separate categories: task lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting. 

An example of task lighting is in the kitchen over the sink. You are often doing a task over the sink, whether it includes meal prep, washing the dishes, or cleaning. Placing a strategic light in this area helps you when its time to attend to these types of tasks.

General lighting, also known as ambient lighting, will be the overall light in a room. It may be considered the natural light of the room and can come in different forms or colors. If you imagine an overhead light or wall sconces throughout a room, these lightly attribute to general lighting.

Accent lighting is when you want to really give emphasis to something in particular. This may be artwork, a special chair, or your bookcase. This is a great type of lighting for creating a dramatic, yet relaxing space.

Starting with general lighting in a room first is a good idea because this is the main lighting. After this, you can add in task and accent lighting to really focus the eye on different areas of the room or places that you often spend time.

Light Bulb Colors for Every Room

Even though every room has its own general lighting, not all rooms are the same!

Have you ever been in one room and walked into another where the lighting made the whole mood change? That’s part of the magic of being specific when choosing the lighting for your home.

Living Room Light Bulbs

In the living room, having hard or soft white lighting, depending on your preference, is a great choice. It helps to ease your transition into a relaxation state and can also help reflect light to make the space look much bigger than it may be.

White is often associated with calming things, such as clouds, rocks, or waves. It also can be associated with the idea of clean and pure.

In addition to these great reasons to choose white lighting for this room, you also can do a lot with a space that has a lot of white. 

Different colors, textures, and furniture types will help break up the white space and make it much more cozy and versatile.

LED Color Temperature for Kitchen

In a kitchen, it is important to think about how you feel when you cook. If you don’t like cooking, imagine how you want to feel. 

Yellow toned lighting will help you feel more joyful when you are cooking. It contributes to a more positive and warm environment. When we think about the color yellow, we usually think of bright and happy things.

If you also eat in your kitchen, consider adding in red accents as well.

Red is a great color for our appetites because it gets us excited. If you want to have a funky accent light in the room, a soft red may be the color to go with to really make things pop.

Best Light Bulbs for Bedroom

In the bedroom, there are two colors that are great for rest. Blue and green are notorious for helping us calm and comfort our bodies.

A soft light that helps you relax is important in the bedroom because it will make it easier to fall asleep once you turn it off.

Even people with hectic lives will need to provide themselves the opportunity to recharge and balance their energies in order to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Task lighting in the bedroom may consist of a reading lamp or back lighting, but it should not be harsh or bright. Remember that this room is all about recharging the brain.

Light Bulbs for Bathroom

In a bathroom, you definitely want to go with a warm white color for lighting. Natural light is best for the bathroom, especially if you happen to do makeup in the mirror, but the second best option is a warm tone light.

Accent lighting is great for a bathroom if you have a special painting or something that you want to show off, but task lighting is helpful too in areas like the shower or tub.

Think about your own needs and how you use the bathroom to help you decide what type of lighting is best for this room. 

The Best House Lighting for You

Now that you know a bit more about light bulb colors, you probably are ready to start looking for options that fit your rooms.

Remember to go with the ones that really reflect the room itself and not just the options that seem easiest!

If you are ready to start shopping, consider checking out our selection of LED bulbs and see if we have exactly what you are looking for.

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