Beyond Basics: Unique Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 17th 2019

Beyond Basics: Unique Bathroom Lighting Ideas

If you want to do a whole bathroom remodel, you are facing an expense of at least $19,000 for a midrange bathroom. This cost can go up to $61,000 for an upscale bathroom. 

You don’t have to do a whole bathroom remodel to change the look of your bathroom though. Change up the lighting, and you’ll alter the entire feel of your bathroom. 

Try adding some new lighting options to brighten up the room or create mood lighting to give your bathroom a spa-like feel. 

Here are some unique bathroom lighting ideas to help you get started. 


Bring some glamour to your bathroom with a chandelier. You can hang the chandelier in the middle of the room. If you have a statement tub, this is a great place to hang your chandelier.

Position the chandelier over the center of the tub. Make sure that your fixture is hung high enough so that you don’t hit your head getting in and out of the tub. This is partly because no one wants to hit their head. It’s also a safety precaution because you don’t ever want to be standing in water and touching electrical. 

Think about the rest of the style of your design. If your bathroom has a feminine glamour, then go with something that has a lot of sparkle and has a polished metal or chrome look. If your bathroom is modern, then opt for one that uses on-trend metal colors such as black or bronze. If you want to add warmth, don’t be afraid to choose a chandelier that uses wood. 

For extra mood lighting install a dimmer switch to control your chandelier. Then you have the option of bright, functional light or dim romantic mood lighting. 

Wall Sconces 

Wall sconces aren’t just for old-timey historical houses. These days you can choose sconces that have a modern feel. 

The big advantage of sconces is that you can achieve even mirror lighting. Position them on either side of your vanity mirror at face height. You also want to look for lighting that won’t create a glare. This will give a soft even glow across anyone’s face who uses the mirror. 

For a traditional look, you can choose ones that look like candlesticks. For a modern look, you can look for ones that are longer and made to be flush with the wall. 

Lighting in the Shower

Before we get into ideas, only consider light fixtures that are rated for use in wet or damp locations. This is not a suggestion, but a must follow rule. If you ignore it, you put anyone who uses the shower in serious risk of their safety. 

Now for the fun part! The most obvious choice is round lights set into the ceiling. Another option is to use LED strip lighting or rope lighting to follow the perimeter of the shower. 

Place your lighting above the shower level for a soft glow down into the shower. You could find some clear tile and place your lighting behind it for a stunning effect or put your lighting on the underside of an overhang to a ledge or shelf. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different and bold colors. While white can give a classic look, a pink or blue will give your bathroom some personality. 

Have this accenting lighting on its own switch. That way you can use it as a nightlight or leave it on when you have guests. This way there is a soft glow of light that is just enough for someone to see by. 

Layer Your Lighting 

Don’t choose only one lighting option for your bathroom. Instead, layer your lighting to give you options and the best lighting results in your bathroom. 

Depending on the size of your bathroom, have at least three different types of lighting in your bathroom. The larger the bathroom, the more lighting you’ll want. For an average sized bathroom, consider having lighting around the mirror, a light for the shower, and a third generalized option or chandelier over the tub. 

Backlit Lighting 

We touched on this briefly with shower lighting. Backlit lighting is where you put lights behind a surface to create a soft glow. 

This type of lighting isn’t limited to your shower though. You could install lighting behind a more translucent stone like onyx. This will create a soft glow in your bathroom. 

For a strong backlight, go for some frosted or etched glass. This could be accenting in the wall, around your mirrors, or in the cabinets. 

Light the Mirror 

You don’t have to light the mirror with additional lighting fixtures. You can have the light directly in the mirror. 

This type of lighting works well as task lighting. It won’t light up the entire bathroom, but it will perfectly light your face as you use the mirror. Look for a mirror that has even lighting all the way around it. This will prevent awkward shadows on your face. 

Shop for Unique Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to lighting your bathroom, give yourself some options. Think about how you use your bathroom and where you need lighting the most. 

Give yourself the ability to have bright, room encompassing light. You’ll also want softer, more ambient light. 

Whatever unique bathroom lighting you choose, be sure to match it to your overall interior design concept. This way it will blend in with everything else you have going on in the space.

Create unique lighting in your bathroom by shopping our LED fixtures store.

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