Using LED rope lights and bulbs for fish tanks

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Sep 15th 2011

Using LED rope lights and bulbs for fish tanks

Many homeowners choose to improve the aesthetics of their living spaces through LED rope lights, string lights and bulbs. Now, the industry is making it easier for individuals to take this energy-efficient option to the next level – through their aquariums.

Recently, more manufacturers have been focusing on the idea of developing LED lights for fish tanks, according to There are a number of benefits to LEDs that have aquarium enthusiasts buzzing.

First, LED lights produce significantly less heat than incandescents and fluorescents. Because it is crucial to maintain the temperature of the water inside of an aquarium, many fish owners are looking to this option to make this objective easier.

LED lights also have a longer lifespan than alternative fixtures. This means less maintenance for aquarium owners and makes LEDs a viable option for tanks that are constantly lit throughout the day.

LED rope lights can be used around an aquarium to add to the aesthetic appeal outside of the tank as well. More pet owners are also enjoying the savings of utility costs that come with LEDs.

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