Use Garden Lighting to Brighten Up Your Spring Garden

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 9th 2024

Use Garden Lighting to Brighten Up Your Spring Garden

Statistics reveal that the United States is among the three top gardening countries. 55% of Americans choose to garden to create a beautiful space. Another 43% garden because they want to grow food.

Once winter concludes, nothing compares to seeing your spring garden come to life. When you see this opportunity, you must capitalize on it with the right garden lighting.

Decorating your garden with special and unique lighting sets the mood, adds curb appeal, and differentiates your home from your neighbor’s. Here are the best ideas to leverage this spring!

Patio Lights

Choosing the right patio lights will make or break your back yard space. A great all around choice that is trending currently are bistro lights. Specifically, LED Powered RGB+WW Bistro Lights are among the top choice since you have the ability to easily change the color of your lights at the push of a button. Dial in some warm white for classic ambiance, choose red or green for Christmas, or take it up a notch with some of the color changing effects. 

Backlighting for Potted Trees

Show them love and highlight their majestic beauty. Add a subtle, warm sparkle from behind their container. Warm light combines with its foliage to create a mesmerizing, intimate setting.

Retaining Wall Lights

This is a fabulous idea for spring décor because it prevents erosion. Not only that, but it makes multi-teared gardens stand out. You will enjoy plenty of light up the stairs and along a wall.

Visitors can safely find walkways and the entryway to your front door. You want to select LED lights that are wet-rated, though, when using retaining wall lights.

String Lights for Trees

Try leveraging your trees for beautiful garden decorations to make a significant impact and impress your neighbors. String lights have small bulbs that glow while covering the tree trunk and its main branches. Meanwhile, it casts a glow across the landscape underneath it.

No need to worry about needing an electrical outlet for this concept. You can opt for solar-powered string lights! LED lights can come in the form of solar-powered garden lights, converting the day’s sunlight to electricity at night.

Fairy Lights

Some people mistake mini lights for fairy lights because they both come in strands. However, fairy lights are specific. Typically fairy lights use very tiny led bulbs on thin strands of wire. Often you will see them in battery powered or solar powered versions. Some fairy lights can be used outside, but many are designed for indoor use. Where they really come in handy is for crafting and special projects. Because they are small, lightweight, versatile, and portable, you can find a variety of uses for creating unique lighting arrangements.

During the holiday, it's common for homeowners and businesses to install fairy lights. That's why you may hear people call fairy lights “Christmas lights,” too.

Battery powered fairy lights are perfect for creating table arrangements. using in mason jars, adding light to floral arrangements, and more. You can also find fairy lights with timers or dusk to dawn sensors so they only turn on during the evening or when you choose a specific time.

Lantern Lighting

If you would like to enhance your bushes or hedges, lantern lighting is a great addition to install alongside. Materials and styles for lantern lighting will range significantly. If you want to add multiple lanterns, install them with evenly spaced intervals.

They can hover over your lovely foliage. Another option is to peek around the spaces between plants.

Small Front Garden Lighting

Even if you have nothing big or extravagant, you can add aesthetics with garden lighting. Plants, hedges, and bushes that live alongside the curbs and flights of steps can come alive by adding landscape lighting. You may even fall in love with sunsets when you see the warm light as the sun goes down.

Illuminating a Garden Bed

This will demand that anyone looking at your garden pay attention! Especially with a stunning, flashy display in the center of a floating garden. Here, you can add spotlights.

Garden beds must be highlighted from the ground level beside taller shrubs and trees. The illumination should be even, making the garden bed appear symmetrical.

Stake Lighting

This is perfect to light up a garden pathway. It provides easy access to patios, gazebos, and gardens. Not only that, but stake lighting illuminates a downward path versus an upward one.

This will highlight gardens and plants. Solar power is popular for stake lights, soaking up the energy from the day and releasing it as the evening sky falls and the neighborhood sleeps.

Overhead Lighting

How about your seating areas, which can be in the front and backyard? This is a perfect location to add light that sits overhead. Day or night, you can enjoy your lounge area.

You need to decide the type of activities you will have in the seating areas. Will you be eating at a table or just relaxing with your feet up? You must understand how much light you need, bright or soft, to determine how many lights and how much illumination it must give.

Lily Pond Lighting

Adding the right lighting to a lily pond will create a peaceful ambiance you never could see! Small underwater lights will make the water glow. It will also illuminate all the vegetation, not just the lily pads.

You should talk to a professional about designing a unique garden pond, offering you and your guest a superior experience as they enjoy your spring landscape.

Make Your Home Shine With Today’s Superior Garden Lighting Choices

Birddog Lighting is your source when you want to decorate, dazzle, and delight your home with easy linear lighting. At Birddog Lighting, they are experts on home decor lighting, helping customers like you create a fantastic ambiance every day. They know the importance of dependability, a superior customer experience, and quality garden lighting.

You can purchase simple, bright rope lighting that is easy to install. Make this spring the best one yet. Love your garden!

Contact Birddog Lighting today for the best ideas!

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