Top 5 Halloween Displays

Posted by Joshua Prieto on Nov 30th 2014

Top 5 Halloween Displays

Are you ready for the five most amazing Halloween displays you’ve ever seen? Ok, well I’ll let you decide if you think they’re the best, but I sure think they are. With our bias towards LED lights you know, Birddog Lighting had to choose the brightest displays out there. Sit back and waste a few minutes while you enjoy these over the top creations.

5) Ghost Buster Halloween Display

You know there is something strange in the neighborhood when you walk by this house Halloween night.

4) The Nightmare Rock n Pumpkin!

One thing that Christmas displays will never have on a Halloween display is the ability to play hard rock for you light show choice!

3) The Monster Mash Halloween Display

Make sure you watch the end of this Halloween classic; it’s a finale you won’t want to miss.

2) The display with the most show

Pull out the popcorn, number two has a show for you!

1) This is Halloween!

Our number one favorite is a of course has the most LED tech on it, but who can resist a nightmare before Christmas!

Halloween Displays Powered by LEDs

None of these displays would’ve been possible without LED technology. Several features in each of them are done through the use of simple LED products like strip lights, rope lights, string lights, and flood lights. Each of the LED products are connected to Lighting controls, something we spoke about a blog post a couple weeks ago called, What do You Mean by Smart Lighting. As technology in lighting progresses and the cost of LEDs reduces, how do you think Holiday displays will change? Let us know in the comments, it’s always great to hear what you have to say.