Top 10 Uses of LED Lights and Why Every Room Needs Them

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 3rd 2020

Top 10 Uses of LED Lights and Why Every Room Needs Them

If you really want to bring the "wow" factor to your home, LED lights are a bright and brilliant choice.

These vibrant lights can be used in all kinds of ways to make your space pop and improve functionality.

If you're considering the many uses of LED lights, read on for 10 great ways you can enjoy them while you enhance every room of your home.

1. Try LED String Lights for Backyard Fun

Outdoor string lights create a festive mood, and they're the perfect choice for a porch, patio, or deck. Look for LED string lights you can hang outside and enjoy them for your spring and summer entertaining.

These energy-efficient lights look fantastic and they're much safer than torches and fire pits. Just make sure you only use string lights that are rated for outdoor use.

2. Give Your Home a Boost with LED Rope Lights

Rope lights contain small bulbs housed inside a clear, flexible tube. Add some LED rope lights up a staircase for additional illumination at night.

You can also use them in the kitchen to frame floor trim or cabinets, creating a fun and bright source of additional light for your cooking space. Rope lights are also a ton of fun for vanity areas and the bathroom.

3. Uses of LED Lights for the Living Room

If you currently have table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling fans in your living room, upgrade the bulbs to LED. These ultra-bright lights will give this space a welcoming look and feel. Thanks to their eco-friendly composition, LED bulbs will also help you save a significant amount on your monthly energy bill, too.

4. Enhance Your Home Security

One way to deter potential burglars is to ensure that you have ample lighting outside your home. Install some bright LED floodlights on the corners of your house and the garage.

These ultra-bright lights will keep criminals at bay and give your family an added sense of security. Motion-activated lights only turn on when they detect motion which can help you save more on your energy bill.

5. Go Bold with Colorful Light Strips

If you're looking to bring the "wow" factor to your home, colored LED light strips are a bold choice. These vibrant lights are similar to rope lights but they're attached to a flexible strip for easy installation.

Try a strip of color-changing lights in your living room, bedroom, or entryway to impress your guests and make a dramatic impact in the home. Some light strips also include a remote control so you can change the colors and motion of the lights from a distance.

6. Make Your Plants Happy with LED Grow Lights

If you consider yourself an indoor gardener, try a few LED grow lights to make your plants grow faster. These lights are quite effective at encouraging plant growth and you can use them for houseplants, herbs, flowers, and more.

LED grow lights are also quite effective at helping start seeds, which makes these lights a wise choice for anyone with a green thumb. Use them to help your little indoor garden grow at a faster pace.

7. Illuminate Your Home's Exterior

If you need more uses of LED lighting, consider adding some bright LED stakes to a walkway. These ultra-bright lights will create a welcoming look when you add them to sidewalks, porch areas, and more. Their bright properties and energy-saving construction make them a great option if you need to add some extra illumination around your home.

8. Highlight Your Artwork with LED Spotlights

For anyone who has a true appreciation for art, it's important to make sure that your artwork is the focal point in your home. With LED spotlights and picture lighting, you can create a unique display in any room. These small but effective lights can be pointed in any direction to put the visual focus directly on your favorite paintings, photos, and prints.

9. Enhance Production with LED Task Lamps

Standard lightbulbs might add light to the room, but they can also cause eye strain, which results in things like headaches and fatigue. To combat this problem, switch out your current desk lamp or task lighting with models that use an LED bulb.

The light from an LED will be less harsh on your eyes and keep you more focused on the task at hand. Swap out your kitchen island pendant bulbs with LED ones to help you as you cook, too.

10. Bring a Bright Touch to Your Camper or RV

When the spring and summer approaches, you're probably planning to hit the road and do some exploring in your camper or RV. Bring some LED string or strip lights along with you and hang them outside in the evening. When you add a few string lights to your RV, it makes the area bright, welcoming, and a lot more fun.

Make Life Brighter with LED

Now that you're aware of just some of the uses of LED lighting, you can start getting creative in your own home. Whether it's a brighter outdoor space or a small indoor garden, these lights are designed to make life easier.

Use LED lighting in all kinds of places from the kitchen and dining room to your RV. You'll love how functional, flexible, and bright they are along with the energy savings they provide.

For all your lighting needs, explore our current catalog and contact us today for more information on how you can use LED lights for your home.

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