Exterior Home Lighting Ideas: How LEDs can Improve Aesthetics and Safety

Posted by Birddog Lighting on May 13th 2019

Exterior Home Lighting Ideas: How LEDs can Improve Aesthetics and Safety

Did you know that installing outdoor lighting around your home and property can reduce crime by up to 39 percent? It’s true – however, that’s not all it offers.

The fact is, installing LED lights outside of your home provides a wide array of benefits. While most people know how beneficial these lights are inside the home, they may not realize the versatility and function they offer outdoors.

However, to see these benefits, you have to use the lights in the proper way.

Keep reading to learn about some effective exterior home lighting ideas for your property, and about all the benefits they offer.

Increased Security  

As a homeowner, security should be a top priority. Unfortunately, if you are like many homeowners, you may suffer from the illusion that “it won’t happen here.”

There is even a name for this – optimism bias.

The sad truth is that burglaries are much more common than most people think. It’s estimated there are over 3.7 million burglaries each year in the U.S. Up to 88 percent of those are home burglaries.

Even if you live in a “safe” area, you aren’t immune. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

One of the best ways to deter nefarious individuals from targeting your home is to make it less attractive. Outdoor lighting is the key.

Using Outdoor Lighting for Added Security

As you can see, increased security is a huge benefit of outdoor LED lights. However, you may wonder how you can use them effectively.

Believe it or not, security lighting doesn’t have to be overpowering. In fact, the same lighting you use to help improve aesthetics can be used for security.

As you are planning your lighting design, try to think like an intruder. Be sure all entrances are well lit and if you have dense trees or bushes in your yard, add lights nearby to reduce dark, hiding areas.

You can take an additional step and install motion sensing lights These will come on if someone gets too close to your home.

Increased Aesthetics

Remember, the outdoor lighting you install doesn’t have to be all about security. You can use these lights to help highlight the natural beauty of your landscaping and home, as well.

In fact, you can find ways to use modern lights to create all new features that may not be seen during the day. For example, if you light up your hardscape features, you can bring out the interesting textures that can’t typically be seen when the sun is out.

When you use the right type of lighting in your yard, you can improve your home’s curb appeal. This is especially beneficial if you are trying to sell the property.

Using Outdoor Lighting for Improved Aesthetics

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your home and property with LED lights, you need to carefully light up your home and the area around it.

You can begin by lighting the façade of the house with broad wash lighting. This is going to illuminate the entire structure.

From this point, you have a blank canvas. You can use bullet lights to focus on specific areas of the home, such as unique architectural elements, dormers, or thick columns. Also, strategically placed downlights are able to be hidden under your gutters of soffits.

These provide a nice contrast and can help to soften harsh shadows. You can also use various landscape lighting to highlight various aspects of your property that you want to stand out.

Make Your Space More Livable at Night

When it comes to outdoor lighting, an often-overlooked benefit is how it can extend your use of your outside space. When you have lighting installed, you can go outside even after dark.

With the lighting in place, it will be safe for you and your guests to move around outside. You can use the lighting for pathways and walkways, and at other points on the property.

Additional Ways to Use LED Landscape Lighting

If you are looking for a few more ways that you can effectively use LED landscape lighting, consider the ones found here.

Highlight Your Trees

You can light up your trees from below, or with a light mounted in the tree. Both options provide stunning features for your yard.

Utilize Uplights

If you are looking for something a bit more dramatic, then uplighting is a great option. Most people expect light to shine down, so this is a unique way to highlight features in your yard.

Just be careful. You only want to use uplighting in moderation. Too much can be – well, too much.

Create a Focus

You should choose a focal point. For most people, this is their front door. By making this the focal point of your property, you are saying, “Welcome, come on in,” to guests.

Vary the Fixtures You Use  

While the workhorses of your outdoor lighting design are floodlights and spotlights, you will find there are a wide array of fixtures to choose from. As a result, make sure to mix thing up, and add in post lights, bollards, step lights, area lights and more.

Exterior Home Lighting Ideas: Are You Ready to Get Started?

When it comes to exterior home lighting ideas, there are more than a few ways you can “light up the night.” Be sure to work with the professionals, if needed, to help you get the lighting design that best works for your property.

If you want more information about LED technology and how you can use it in your home, check out our blog. We offer a wide array of information on LED lighting and how it can improve your life.

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