LED to Improvement: Jake & Katie switch to LED Tube Lights!

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 23rd 2015

LED to Improvement: Jake & Katie switch to LED Tube Lights!

In Big Sky Montana Jake & Katie Grimm work long hours as proud owners of Jake’s Horses where they provide trail rides to into the Montana Mountains and Katie doubles as a successful real estate agent. When they get home the last thing they want to worry about is their lighting. In the kitchen were four 8 foot T8 Fluorescent bulbs buzzing and humming along annoyingly at the end of their lifetime – it was time to find something else.

Making the Switch to LED Tube Lights

Jake and Katie came to Birddog Lighting looking for an idea to replace those annoying fluorescent bulbs. Initially they were looking at replacing the fixture but Birddog Lighting offered the alternative idea of keeping the fixture and bypassing the ballast (take a look at this blog post on how to bypass your ballast) and installing a four eight foot T8 LED Bulbs. No remodel, a simple bypass of the ballast and Jake estimates he saved $600 during the installation and will save even more over the lifetime of the LED bulb. The Grimms will save 40-60% off their electricity bill for the amount of electric used to power their new LED T8 bulbs and they will last 2.5 times longer than those pesky fluorescent bulbs that don’t die quietly.

LED tube lights for the win!

Jake now has an even happier wife because “she likes them!” and Katie said they are “Wonderful!” Katie and Jake thanked Birddog Lighting for our “expertise and advice.” You’re welcome. We’re glad to help make another happy ending to an LED install.

Your turn to make the switch

So do you have flickering florescent tube lights in your home, office, or work place? Did you know you wouldn’t have to change those bulbs nearly as often if you made the switch to LED? You should because we just told you. So what are you waiting for? We have a very affordable and high-quality economy LED T8 tube light that comes in cool, natural, and warm white. go change to LED tube lights