Solar powered address numbers are an ingenious use of LEDs

Posted by Birddog Lighting on May 9th 2011

Solar powered address numbers are an ingenious use of LEDs has a whole range of interesting gifts, and the designers have become enamored with the LED lighting medium. According to, the retailer has released solar-powered LED address numbers for homeowners looking for an easier way for friends and delivery drivers to spot their home.

The design is an ingenious use of renewable energy and will provide a striking accent to the outside of any home. The sign is made of anodized aluminum and the numerals themselves are 3.5 inches high so they can clearly be seen from the street.

The plate sits one inch away from the outside of the home and is backlit with small solar-powered LED fixtures. When the sun goes down, the lights will turn on automatically, and when fully charged they can stay active for eight to 10 hours.

Homeowners looking to put a refreshing twist on their outdoor lighting should consider LED rope lights. The fixtures are encased in water-resistant PVC pipe and come in a number of colors. They can illuminate the pathway to your doorway or they can adorn your outdoor patio to spruce up your next summer get-together.