Rope lights: fire hazard

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 15th 2010

Fire Safety and Rope Lights

Rope lights are fantastic for use in virtually every environment but they are not immune to natural forces, especially if they are not maintained properly. The advantages of LED rope lights are universal: an average of 80,000 lighting hours, a relatively low cost, high durability and extreme energy efficiency. Rope lights come in a PVC cover (durability and flexibility depends on the thickness of the cover) that is available and waterproof and non-waterproof variants. One of the most important factors, especially if you are planning to use the rope lights in an outdoor environment is the power source. If you are using LED rope lights in an outdoor environment with high levels of humidity then there is a higher chance of the rope light becoming a fire risk over a long period of time. For example, if you are using LED rope lights on your boat and you happen to notice that the plastic of your LED rope light seems to be burnt or if the wiring is coated with green rust, then you should immediately change your rope lights. The green rust would be the result of high humidity of the environment. In general, electrical systems can become highly susceptible to corrosion due to poor grounding. Fortunately, most modern LED rope lights are now fitted with more secure power outlets and wiring. If you are afraid of using your outdoor power outlet then you can opt for a solar panel to power up your LED lights and make it independent from the main power system. However, this usually works only in specific circumstances. When you buy your LED rope lights, try going for the waterproof variant since this would offer better protection against humidity. Most importantly, nothing beats a manual check up every few months. Always check the wiring of your LED rope lights and replace them if necessary. You can confidently use your rope lights for years depending on the circumstances but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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